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Beat the Heat With Products That Help You Stay Cool In Bed

It’s summertime and in many parts of the country that means it’s hot, hot, hot! As temperatures reach record breaking levels it can be extremely difficult to fall asleep. If you don’t have air conditioning you may lie in bed all night tossing, turning and sweating into your sheets. Thankfully, you don’t have to suffer through a long, restless evening. There are a number of new products that can help you cool down, close your eyes and get a relaxing night’s sleep.

Here are a few we particularly like:

Ice Cold Pillows

If you want to cool down your body temperature there is no better place to start then your head. Take your pillow cases off of your pillow every morning, place them in a large sandwich bag and pop them in the freezer. If you want a more elegant solution opt for the Penguin Cooling Pillow available on Amazon. Simply place the penguin pillow mat in the fridge about an hour before you are ready for bed. Then place the mat under your pillowcase and enjoy a cool place to rest your head.

Stay Cool Sheets

This summer ditch heavy covers in favor of lightweight bedding. On particularly hot nights skip the blankets all together and opt instead for sheets that can help regulate your temperature and keep you cool. Sheex stay-cool sheets can absorb your excess heat so you don’t wake up feeling so hot and miserable. Sheex materials transfer body heat up to 2X more effectively than traditional cotton. They reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night by providing materials that breathe 50% better than traditional cotton sheets. That allows the body to cool itself throughout the evening. Sheex branded sheets are available at both Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Increase Airflow for the Whole Bed

When you increase airflow on the top of your mattress you can more easily move heat away from your skin. The Lane Cooling GelLux Memory Foam Mattress Topper features a liquid gel infused engineered latex that promotes airflow and provides a super cooling sleep surface. This mattress topper distributes your body heat better than a standard smooth surface can, which prevents you from overheating. In addition it adds extra pressure relieving comfort. You can find the GelLux Memory Foam Mattress Topper at Jet.com.

Cool Down Your Bed

The ChiliPad Cooling and Heating Mattress Pad regulates the surface temperature of your mattress. It may sound a little space age but this modern-day mattress pad uses silicone tubing to circulate water throughout the pad. The temperature can be controlled with the touch of a button either on the control unit or on a convenient wireless remote control. Best of all each pad comes with two separate control units so you and your significant other can adjust the temperature to your own liking. You can find this unit at Amazon.

This summer don’t suffer through hot restless nights, instead search for stay cool gadgets that can help you achieve a peaceful and cool night’s sleep.