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Beauty in the Sun: Get Your SPF & Skincare All In One!

People who baby their skin see summer coming a mile away. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin cancer, hyperpigmentation, and other ailments. Not only does it make your skin look less healthy, but it can seriously affect your physical health, as well!

For beauty fanatics who take care of their skin regularly, layering on SPF is something they do year round. Skincare brands have found ways to maximize the effects of sunblock and sunscreen by including it alongside other nourishing, skin-healthy products and ingredients.

Here are three products from three excellent skincare brands that will not only protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun, but it will also infuse it with healthy ingredients and necessary moisture.

This lightweight, super-powered SPF cream will layer beautifully under makeup or on bare skin. SPF 50+ is just about as good as you can get for a facial sunscreen, so this is all you’ll really need in the morning, but you might consider re-applying in the afternoon. Kiehl’s is an old, trustworthy skincare brand that has produced some of the most popular skincare products to date. Save up to 20% with promotions for Kiehl’s and experience what everyone has been talking about.

A new, trendy brand has come into the skincare scene with organic, food-grade ingredients that offer serious competition. If you haven’t heard of Juice Beauty yet, you’re about to.

Juice Beauty has moisturizing sunblock, lip sunblock, and lightweight, everyday sunblock like we just talked about. I prefer to go to Juice Beauty for their sport-ready sunblock. This stuff is water-resistant, long-wearing, and offers strong protection with SPF 30. Try out Juice Beauty and save 20% in the process!

While you’re out in the sun, don’t forget about your hair! Sure, it might be “dead” but that doesn’t mean it can’t look alive! Help repair your hair with this clever SPF-infused hair mask from Davines.

Apply this After Sun Hair Mask to your hair after a day at the beach or a long, sunny hike and you’ll re-infuse your hair with the vitamins and hydration it lost throughout the day. Use a coupon at Davines when picking this up and save on your new favorite hair mask!

Davines/Kiehls/Juice Beauty