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Become an Organizational Genius with Moleskine Planners

Imagine if you went back to school this fall with all the wisdom and genius of famous writers like Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, and Vincent Van Gogh… Wouldn’t that make life a little easier? Well, I can guarantee you the knowledge, but what I can give you is the key to locking in those brilliant thoughts the moment they arrive: Moleskine notebooks.


They are some of the most popular and beautiful notebooks on the market. Moleskine is the successor of the notebook held by the previously named gentlemen, as well as Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and countless other brilliant minds.


Not only are they sleek, minimal, and affordable, but they also come in a rainbow of colors and an abundance of organizational styles. If you want a style that will last you for the next several decades, they offer many notebooks in leather bound styles. There is literally nothing cooler than a leather notebook!

But let’s get to the meat & potatoes of the Moleskine infatuation: the organizational beauty of Moleskine planners. 

Molestine Small Planner 1

Whether you’re a busy mom keeping track of activities or a student getting ready for their first year of high school, a Moleskine planner can change your life. (And if you’re a student, definitely use a Moleskine coupon code to save yourself some money!)

Moleskines aren’t all about literary genius, though. Moleskines know how to be fun, and they definitely know how to participate in a fandom.

Batman Moleskine 2

Batman fans can take part in the Moleskine trend with eight different designs, including five Batman designs and three Joker designs.

If you’re truly a die-hard literary fan, you’ll love the Le Petit Prince limited edition collection:

Le Petit Prince Moleskine Planner

Whether you choose to use it with straight black pen like a true utilitarian, or color-code it entirely, it can take it. In fact, there are thousands of Moleskine enthusiasts who have documented their personal planner style online. The community of planner fanatics grows every day, all in the name of organization.

Oh, and if you’re having trouble picking a color, all you need to do is pick up the Color-A-Month planner set!

12 Month Color A Month Planners

If you’re in the market for a planner that has as much history as it does design appeal, you may have just met your organizational soulmate.