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Become More Self Sufficient By Shopping Online

Have you ever considered that shopping online can help you become more self sufficient? While other people rely on local stores to do their shopping, you have the entire world at your fingertips. Let everyone around you drive to Wal*Mart, Kmart, or rush out to do their gift shopping a day or so before a big event. You can do all of that and more by using your computer. You’ll save money, too.

To save online you can just spend time looking for great deals. Cruise shopping sites and maybe even eBay to find the lowest price on something you wish to purchase. OR you can shop smart and use online coupons. With online coupons and coupon codes you don’t need a printer, just enter the code you are given when checking out your order.

You can become more self sufficient by ordering things ahead of time – need birthday gifts? Shop a month or so in advance. Christmas gifts? Not a problem if you hit sales in June. Online coupon codes come and go – but there will always be a new one, you will never run out of codes for things like %10 or more off a purchase, free shipping, or even free items added to your order!

While your friends are all rushing out to local stores when it begins to turn warm outside, you can sit on your posh, decorated patio or porch. Sip an imported wine, snack on exotic cheeses, and place those cheeses on the artisan bread you just received from your recent online shopping trips. It’s okay, you can feel a little sad for your friends that rely on the local WalMart – we won’t tell them that you found the same things they are buying for 20% less online.
It is a lot of fun to shop online. Away from the fun aspects – you can find quite a bit of merchandise you just can’t purchase locally. Seeds, planting pots, and gardening machinery can all be found on sites like There are a multitude of ‘homesteading’ products you can find and put to use in your goal of self-sufficiency.

You can even order live animals on the internet! While you won’t find chickens or goats on Amazon, you can use Craigslist to find large animals for sale close to your home.

Shopping online may lead to other online activities that will help you take better care of yourself. Shopping for healthier food. Exercise equipment. Gardening.Homesteading. Who knows how far you will go? Maybe you will eventually buy solar panels, wind generators, solar water heaters, and go off-grid entirely. That will teach those friends of yours. Let them hurry down to the local Wal*Mart – you’ll be waiting for them with your computer and a smile.