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Behind on Your Basic Beauty Products? These Deals Will Help You Catch Up

Are you someone who doesn’t pay too much attention to beauty products, but likes to have some things nonetheless? Maybe you don’t wear makeup often or get manicures once a year. But, would you get more of those things if they were more affordable? Perhaps. And, maybe you’ve stayed away from buying a new hair straightener or skin cream, but you could really use some sooner than later.

We get it. Beauty products can be expensive and seem like an unnecessary expense to someone who likes to be frugal. But, you’ve been putting off those facial masks and those new makeup brushes for much too long, so treat yourself with these deals!

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A New Straightener, Hair Dryer, or Curling Iron

If you need better tools to do your hair with, what are you waiting for? If your straightener barely does its job anymore, your hair dryer feels like it’s going to blow up every time you use it, and the wire of your curling iron is tangled in a giant mess, it’s time for something new. Head to Ulta, which has great-quality tools all at major discounts.

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Hair Products

Beyond the main staples, you’ve been really putting off buying other things for your hair. After all, when was the last time you bought that wavy spray that does wonders to your hair? And, is your brush from ten years ago? What about the hair bands on your wrist; or should we say “hair band” since that one is the last one and if that snaps, you’re completely out. Don’t wait for that to happen. Target has a great selection of hair products, from hair spray to shampoos and accessories. Go now and save money on your purchases.

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Updated Makeup

Oh boy…let’s not even get started on your makeup bag. It’s a disaster. You have eyeliners that are completely old and dried out. A foundation that has cracked into little pieces and you can hardly use it effectively anymore. Mascara that’s completely clumped together. Even if you don’t wear makeup often, you still deserve to have the right stuff, so that when you do wear it, it looks good!

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Skin Products

Do you fancy yourself some nice lotions, face cream, or even a new bottle of aloe vera? Of course, you may not NEED these things, but your skin is probably asking for it. You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about wanting to have some of these products at your disposal, especially when they don’t need to cost you a lot of money. Head to CVS where you can get 30% off sitewide, so you don’t need to limit yourself to what you can buy.

Stop putting off what you need to buy! With these discounts, you can get whatever beauty products you want for cheap!