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Best 5 gift ideas for your tech savvy husband

Choosing a perfect gift for your loving and tech savvy husband is not at all a difficult task. However since the options left to you are many, you might get a bit confused while choosing the perfect one for him. Two important things that you must remember while selecting a gift for your husband are that it must suit his personality and must be useful to him and thereafter you can blindly trust your instinct as you are definitely going to make the best choice.

Here is a list of the five best gifts that you consider gifting your tech savvy husband.

Tablet will bring smile in your hubby’s face


Any guy would love to own a sleek and gorgeous tablet that he can carry easily, thus making it a perfect gifting option. Moreover, it is extremely useful as well because he will be to access the internet on the move, store and read as many as ebooks and access all the interesting and useful apps from it. The tablet runs on high end processors and he will be able to browse even the high tech websites using it.

The Universal Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control

 Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Control

It is a universal truth the men cannot leave without high tech gadgets. Along with the gadgets comes the multiple numbers of remotes to operate them. Though they do not like to switch over from one remote to another for using the different gadget but they are not left with any options as well. However, you can surprise him by gifting the Logitech universal remote whereby he can use as many as five devices by using a single remote control. This sleek device comes with a LCD screen where all the commands are being displayed and it supports as many as 5000 renowned brands, thus making it a unique and useful gift for your husband.

The Power Bullet Charger


You would often hear your husband saying that the battery of my phone is tripping; let me get back to you after sometimes. Charging the multiple devices that he carries with him has always been a problem and he has to opt for the one that is more important. By gifting him with a Power Bullet Charger, this problem will be resolved easily as it comes with more than one outlet for charging the different devices at a single time. It is best for those men who have to travel frequently. The best fact about it is that it can be used at home or in cars.

Play Station 3 is ideal for the avid gamers

Play Station 3

If your husband is a gaming enthusiast, then there can be no better gift than Playstation 3. The applicability of this device is not limited to gaming, but he can watch movies in it, has an integrated browser that can be used by for streaming movies, has integrated WIFI and also a superior quality hard drive. All in all to call it as a simple gaming device is not sufficient.

Eye – Fi memory card for your tech savvy hubby

Eye-Fi Memory Card

This small memory card has an integrated WIFI that helps it to connect to computing devices or iPhone or Android phones and upload all the photos from your camera instantaneously. Thus he does not need to wait till reaching home or need an additional card reader for connecting with memory card with the gadget. Your husband is definitely going to appreciate such a thoughtful gift from you.

These were some of the most useful and creative gifts that you can consider gifting to your tech savvy husband. Technology has always been the right way to strike a chord in a man’s heart. So gift him any of these useful gadget to make him really happy.