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Best Black Friday Deals by Category

black friday shopping

The big day is here, friends. Whether you just rolled out of bed after a turkey-induced coma, or have been at the store for hours, we have some of the best deals for the biggest shopping day lined up for you right here.

Ready? Set? Go!

Holiday Cards

Our favorite deal on holiday cards comes from Shutterfly. You get 10 for free, and up to 50% off the rest of your order. Stay in touch and send season’s greetings by using the appropriate promo code. (Can’t find it? After you try our page, double check their Promotion Details section.)

For the Gamer in Your Life

As far as gaming goes, Alienware is cream of the crop. They have some pretty sweet deals going on a slew of products, but the one with the biggest dollar savings is the Alienware 15 R2 laptop. With a starting price of $1,099.99, you can save up to $519 on this purchase.


Yes, the obsession continues even two years after the movie’s release. Just ask any parent of a young, female child. If you’re still enduring countless renditions of “Let It Go,” you’ll be thrilled to find out you can get the life size Elsa doll at Target for only $40. That’s a savings of $19.99 over regular price.

Paw Patrol

Amazon has select Paw Patrol toys at 35% off. They also have a mysterious deal to be announced at 7:35 AM Eastern on the Look-Out Play Set. If you’re a prime member, you get access to the deal 30 minutes earlier, at 7:05. These are hot toys this season, so be sure to check it out and make your purchase decision quickly so they don’t sell out!

Star Wars

Want to put an Episode 7 lightsaber under the tree? Do it! Especially if your family plans on seeing it in theaters after it’s released on December 14th. Meijer has these new lightsabers for under five bucks at $4.99. They regularly go for $9.99 making this a spiffy deal.

For the Kitchen

Want fancy schmancy kitchen gear for a huge discount? Check out Sur La Table’s Black Friday deals. You can get a 4 quart Round Cocottes from Staub for 62% off, 3 GreenPan Healthy Non-Stick Skillets for 47% off, and so much more. The deals go up to 75% off high pricetag items, so you get a massive bang for your buck. Do not even get us started on their wide array of adorable cookie cutters. They’re only $1.25/piece year round.

Power Tools

Lowe’s has some great deals on power tools across the board this weekend. They have many of these sales extending until Wednesday, so depending on the item you may not have to rush as much. You can get up to 51% off with these Black Friday deals. Fifty percent off items include the Kobalt 3-Piece Household Tool Set, Dewalt’s 100 Piece Drive Set, and more.


Wherever you end up shopping, know that we’re always here with promo codes and deals to help you save even more money. Remember today to be kind, have fun, and stress less while you save that moolah!