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Best Fall Reads for 2016

Fall. The kids are back in school. The leaves are changing. It’s just cool enough to curl up with a blanket, but not so cold you’re freezing or out shoveling snow.


It’s the perfect time to sit down with a good book. Today, we bring you the top four recommendations from our favorite book blogger, Jana of Jana Says and The Armchair Librarians. Not only does Jana live to read, but she also works in the publishing industry. She knows good reads from bad, and has given us her best picks to curl up with on a blustery fall day.



In his novel Summerlong, author Dean Bakopoulos explore the intricacies of marriage in a way that only fiction can. Don and Claire think they’re content in their marriage, but they’re repressing all the tediousness, boredom and unfulfilled fantasies that they are secretly longing for. As summer gets hotter in their small town, the dam breaks. Behaviors go unbridled. As moral chaos breaks loose, their children wax esoteric on matrimony as they try to figure out what the heck went wrong.

If you’re not loving the cooler weather, this book will put you right back into the dog days of summer, if in a twisted way.


9781476785608-lDoes social media freak you out a little? With everyone knowing where you are and what’s going on in your life at all times? Author Caroline Kepnes will convince you that it should. When a young author visits a bookshop, the man behind the desk looks her up on social media. Innocent enough, right?

But internet stalking turns to real life stalking—stalking that the young author isn’t even aware of. He sets up circumstances to facilitate a relationship as he forges himself into the man of her dreams—or at least what she dreams on Twitter. Changing his character isn’t all he does though; he goes to nefarious means to cement a forever partnership, stooping to the most awful of crimes.

Does social media freak you out a little now?

Trust No One


Paul Cleave is known for his thrillers, and Trust No One demonstrates why. Featuring a crime-writing protagonist, we really hope this book isn’t a Mary Sue. The writer is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and as the book progresses, he realizes that his stories aren’t fiction—they’re reality, and he’s the one who has been committing the crimes. Is he right? Is he delusional? You’ll have to read this original novel that explores mental illness in a new way to find out.

Shotgun Lovesongs

9781250039828-lIf you want a read that has a happier resolve, check out Nickolas Butler’s Shotgun Lovesongs. Focusing on four lifelong friends, this story is woven around what happens when people come back to their small town homes after moving out for “bigger” and “better” things. The bonds you have are still there, but the circumstances in your life have turned you into a different person–or have they?

The story isn’t all sunshine and roses. Bad things happen on this trip to group self-discovery. But unlike many relationships in real life, there is closure, meaningful life lessons and love to be found along the way.

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