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Best Places to Catch Fall Colors in the Northeast

Something about Fall is magical. Yes, the weather gets colder. Yes, it’s harder to find free time. But change is in the air, and even though you know that at the end of that change comes a cold, bleak, snowy season, you can’t help but get caught up in the excitement of it.

We personally think that magic is tied to the visual wonder that is leaves changing color. That belief has led us to create a master list of some of the best places to catch the Fall colors this season. Some will provide moments for quiet reflection, while others provide full-fledged festivals.

Ithaca, New York


Ithaca is college town, hosting both Ithaca College and Cornell University. It sits at the base of Cayuga Lake, giving you the opportunity to view both breathtaking waterside vistas and Fall foliage at its finest. The lake isn’t the only place where you’ll find juxtaposition of water and deciduous splendor, though; Ithaca is also famous for its many gorges, carved out of the rocks as if by the gods. These canyon-like edifices and ensuing waterfalls are also lined by the brilliant colors of changing leaves in the Fall season.

Burke, Vermont


Famous for its vibrant Fall colors, Burke is a quaint little town that has actually built a whole festival around the annual change. This year it happens on September 24, 2016. There will be a parade, a craft fair, a silent auction featuring local artists’ works, music, horse-drawn wagon rides and tons of events for kids including a bouncy house, face painting and a rubber duck race. You can find more info on the event’s website.

Kinzua Bridge, Pennsylvania


Located in Kinzua State Park, the Kinzua Bridge was formerly the highest railroad bridge in the country. It passed over a great divide in the Appalachian mountains, all of which are full of deciduous trees. We think you know what that means: oranges, yellows and red in all their glory. There was a tornado in 2002 that caused half of the bridge to collapse, a natural phenomena that is rare for this region, but there is still an overlook where you can behold the wonder that was, along with the beauty nature bestows every autumn.

New Hampshire’s Sea Coast


Unique to our list, New Hampshire’s Sea Coast allows you to enjoy both the beauty of the ocean and the splendor of changing leaves simultaneously, in ways that precious few places aside from the East Coast can. The state also has a nifty tracking tool that will allow you to determine when the best time of year is to see the colors at their boldest and brightest depending on which part of the state you are visiting. The Sea Coast is far enough south that you should still be able to catch the best of the season into November, but if you’re headed farther north, hop in the car now.

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