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Best Places to Shop for all Your Back to School Needs


Back to school shopping can get expensive. Crazy expensive. But, you can find ways to save money. Below, I’m going to list my favorite places to shop for all of our back to school needs. I hope they help you out as much as they’ve helped me.

  • Walmart – This is our first stop, simply because they have almost everything we need, all in one place. I can get everything from pencils to backpacks, lunch boxes to nap mats, even clothing and shoes. And, because Walmart offers their Savings Catcher program, they do all the work for me! I scan my receipt into the Walmart App, and they compare their prices with the sales ads from their competitors. If they find a lower price, they give me back the difference! I save my rewards up all year and use it to buy a really nice Christmas present for my husband. It’s fantastic!


  • Old Navy – This is my favorite place for kids clothing. They run great sales, their clothes are made to last, and everything they offer is super cute – and timeless! (Meaning it won’t go out of style if one of my boys outgrows it and I pass it down to the next boy.) Be sure to check their clearance racks for even bigger savings. You can score some amazing deals on those racks.
  • Carter’s Oshkosh – Sometimes, I spend so much money and time on all the big kids, I feel like my little ones need something new too! That’s why I’m always checking out the deals Carter’s and OshKosh have going on. You can always find gets deals when you shop their stores and websites.
  • Lands End – This is my favorite place to get backpacks for the older kids. My kids carry so many books and items to and from school everyday, I need to know they have a strong backpack that will help even the load, keep their backs from hurting, and still hold up all year long.


  • America’s Best Contacts – all of the kids need eye exams before they head back to school, and America’s Best is a great way to help save money on that chore. If, by chance, one or more of the kids do need glasses or contacts, America’s Best offers great savings and deals to keep from breaking the bank.

Those are the stores you can always find me at come late July, early August. (We start school early in our area!) Remember to check out all of PromosPro’s stores to find deals at all of your favorite shops!

What stores do you frequent for back to school shopping? Share them in the comments below.