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Best Products to Handle Snow, Ice and Sleet

With the  temperatures plummeting  and snow falling in places like Georgia and South Carolina, I feel it is the perfect time to share some of the best products to handle snow, ice and sleet.


Yaktrax XTR Extreme Outdoor Traction mount onto most types of footwear to allow you to walk or run with confidence on snowy or icy surfaces. Equipped with patent-pending, high strength steel spikes and chains, the Yaktrax XTR enhance traction while resisting rust and abrasion The flexible, yet sturdy toe and heel plates prevent snow from packing.


The Yaktrax XTR keep snow from packing on your feet but you will need the SnoBoss 26” Snow Shovel by True Temper to remove the snow Mother Nature packed on your walkway and driveway. This SnoBoss is a 4 way shovel, it can be used as a shovel or pusher.


The ergo designed mid grip and end grip allows for optimal hand placement and back posture when lifting. The unique food step is designed to give you maximum leverage. Shovel is reversible to handle tight steps and stairs.


If you have ice, an ice melter is an easy way to get rid of it fast. The problem is that many regular kinds of ice melt can hurt your pet’s paws, eyes and skin.


The solution is Safe Paw Ice Melter, the 35 lb. pail contains a salt and chlorine-free, environmentally-friendly material that is ideal for driveways, decks, sidewalks and other slick surfaces. It can melt ice in even the coldest climate.


Once you have cleared your way to your vehicle, you will need a snow broom like the Mallory 583-EP Long Reach Pivot Head Sport Telebroom with 10” head, to clear the snow and ice off.


This snow broom extends from 34” to 52” and has an external lock to lock it securely in place. The foam grip handle will give you a comfortable and secure hold. The opposite end has a strong ice scraper. Whether you need to clear snow or ice, this snow broom has you covered.


Winter can be a hassle but products like these can make getting out and around safer and easier. If you like any or all of them, you can find them at