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Best Thank You Gifts for After the Holidays

Now that you’ve finally put all of your holiday decorations away and organized all of your gifts, it’s time to sit down and do some thank you gifts.

Whether it’s a beautiful card with a handwritten note or a thoughtful and inexpensive token of your appreciation, thank you gifts have the power to be incredibly meaningful. Taking the time to show attention and gratitude to the people who have given you a gift is a dying art. Instead of liking their next Facebook post, consider offering one of these incredibly easy to acquire and wonderfully meaningful gifts as a thank you.

A Candle

Literally no one hates getting a candle. People of all ages, genders, and walks of life will burn a candle if you give it to them. Finding one with a unique and unoffensive scent is the trick.

tealight candles

Try to aim for a simple, clean scent. Don’t buy a candle that has more than two different scents mixed together – you’ll be asking for trouble. If you have the wherwithal, pick up a candle base or votive holder for a couple extra bucks to really offer a beautiful, full package. Then, all your loved ones have to do is set it up and light it for a beautiful, warm addition to their home.


Another gift that’s hard to hate: flowers. Sure, they die in a few days (longer than that with proper care) but while they’re here, they’re absolutely stunning.

The arrangement doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could even be a single, lovely bloom. That will keep your overhead low. If you’re near a local florist, pop in and see what the most stunning flower they have is and buy it! A little vase isn’t hard to obtain – even a mason jar is an adorable vessel for flowers.

From You Flowers bouquet

If you’re far away, From You Flowers is a great service to get your buddies their thank you gift. Save money with our coupons and get up to 50% off of roses at From You Flowers!

Thank You Notes

Ah, the old standard. There’s nothing wrong with thank you notes, in fact, I really like them. Taking the time to select a beautiful card and then taking even more time to write a thoughtful note inside is pretty much the paramount of thank you gifts.

I love these ones:

thank you notes etsy

There are so many wonderful cards out there that choosing a design is a complete joy. I love looking on Etsy for specialized, handmade cards by independent artists. They’re frequently very affordable and you know that the artist who makes them appreciates the money you’re paying for them (even though they’re quite affordable!).

Gift Card

Last, but certainly not least, the good old gift card is a great way to go when you want to step up your thank you note with an extra boost of gratitude.

gift cards

You can buy a gift cards from nearly everywhere these days. Even the grocery store has gift cards for various stores beside the checkout lines! Even just grabbing a $10 coffee gift card is enough to give the recipient a little something extra. Nothing feels better than not paying for coffee! Find great special coupon deals for gift cards from and everybody wins!