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Big Savings on Your Next Boat Trip

Travelling by boat is an option for most Asian travelers, the most convenient form of transportation for long distance travel. Sometimes it takes 3 to 4 days at sea before reaching an inter-island destination. The transportation ticket is way too low compared to the faster travel by airplanes.  However, saving on food and other items is challenging as it is always expensive on board.

boat travel

Here are the possible ways to save while on travel.

• Bring your own food. Food is in fact the most expensive item inside. Cook foods that are not quick to spoil. Check recipes online and make sure to put additives that make food lasts a long time.

If cooking is impossible before the trip, buy food outside. It is still cheaper.

• Bread and pastries usually lasts long and gives you energy through out the trip. There are pastries that can last three days, so you are safe from hunger as long as there is also bread.

• Bring enough water. Avoid contaminated water on board. Mineral water prices also doubles up inside. Since people cannot postpone drinking water, unscrupulous people take advantage of it, pricing the mineral water or alkaline 2/3 more than the original price.

• Sweet foods are good snacks. During boring lapses at that boat ride, munching small serving sizes for sweet foods can also help lighten the moment.

• Bring your own blanket. There is an extra charge for linen on board. Make sure to get the “No linen reservation”.

• If you are fund of junk foods, buy outside. Junkies are so expensive so that buying it from outside is one best step.

Don’t forget Shampoo, toothpaste and soap. There are accommodations that quickly run out of these items, and then again, buying inside is an epic-fail.

• Pack light. Labor charges much for your luggage, so seeking the services of a labor man costs you a lot.

• Be frugal, salon, spa, Karaoke and other leisure services on board can de done once you reach your destination. Don’t be tempted to do them on board unless it is necessary, which I would doubt.

• Be ready with the first aid kit for medicines
. Headaches, cold, cough, fever and many more is needed. Keep the kit handy.

• Check on travel rewards. Frequent travelers sometimes get a 100% free travel through reward system.

• Get your tickets in advance. The earlier you book for your ticket, the better packages you can come across to give you more saving opportunities.

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– Budget Travel indeed helps you to have an economical trip to a place you wished for. This season, there is a $210 discount on a package deal. To avoid being ripped of, check first the how to section in

Awesome travel deals are just clicks away. Just be keen to choose sites that allow you to save on your next boat travel.