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Black Friday Shopping Tips to Help Retain Your Sanity

It’s finally here: the week of insanity. Thanksgiving is here, then Black Friday is right around the corner, and Cyber Monday is moments after that. While this is a great time to get most, if not all of your holiday shopping done, but it can take a toll on your well-being. Here are some Black Friday shopping tips to help retain your sanity.

The crowds, the chaos, the traffic… Talk about overwhelming! Whether you’re on foot or in the car, there are some serious stressors present on such a busy day.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Create a Game Plan

You can’t go into Black Friday shopping without a plan. There are too many stores with too many wonderful marketing tactics that will distract you from the best sales on the things you actually want. Use sites like PromosPro to figure out which stores are worth hitting for specific items, and which stores have sales that aren’t worth checking out. Take it to the point where you’re looking at a map and plotting your route. The more organized you are before this gigantic shopping day, the better the chances are for success.

Bring Snacks

Nothing is worse that being in the middle of a multi-hour shopping trip and having low blood sugar. There are enough potential irritants out there to completely ruin a meticulously planned Black Friday. Taking some mixed nuts, carrot sticks, crackers, or even a sandwich with you could save you from having a total hunger meltdown when you’re stuck in mall traffic.

Shopping in the City - Black Friday  Shopping Tips

Get a Babysitter

Sure, your kids are awesome, but they’re also human Redbulls. The chances of you reaching your sanity limit with 1+ kids in tow are very good, so see if your babysitter (or lingering Thanksgiving family) is available on Friday to entertain your little ones while you do some serious shopping. With the well-being of children off your mind, So when you’re sitting in line at Bed Bath and Beyond getting 20% off with a coupon, you’re not also wrangling a couple of curious and energetic kids.

Use Shopping Apps

There’s no reason not to use technology to your advantage on Black Friday. Use money-saving coupon apps, traffic predictors, and anything else that will ease your hectic but exciting shopping adventure. These apps can allow you to bring coupons right up to the register, avoid traffic hazards, and save you cash online and in-store. Download them before your trip and thank me later!

Give Yourself a Reward

After a long day of battling the masses, you deserve a little TLC. Whether that means a bubble bath at home, or using a Ticketmaster coupon to get up to 50% off holiday tickets, treat yourself well after a long, hard day of buying gifts for loved ones. Your feet will be tired, your nerves might be fried, and your wallet – a little lighter. So go easy on yourself and get the rest you will undoubtedly need… And get ready for Cyber Monday.