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Bodum: Trusted Brand Name In House Ware

Bodum is a leading brand name in house ware. This Dutch company is a family owned and operated business, first founded in 1944. It now distributes its products to over 55 countries worldwide. Bodum prides itself in offering products that are both functional and affordable, not to mention all developed and designed within the company! Since 1974, they have created more than 100 million of French Coffee Presses and over 30 million teapots. The numbers are sure to amaze all.

Their website features a large assortment of products, all designed to beautify your home.  For your convenience, Bodum offers online shopping.  Just peruse through their online catalogues and be prepared to be enticed by what they have to offer!  Their website offers the following features:


Products for Tea and Coffee Lovers

This section will surely lure tea and coffee lovers everywhere.  Here you can find items such as tea and coffee brewers, espresso machines and mugs and cups.  Unique items such as milk frothers and travel presses are all just a click away at your fingertips. Bodum also lists spare parts and accessories to complement your tea and coffee drinking experience. Items such as tea strainers and timers can be found in this section.  Bodum offers different flavours of tea and coffee under their own brand name. What more can the caffeine-addict ask for?

Kitchen ware

This section will surely bring out the inner chef within all of us.  It features products such as cookware and glassware, knives and small appliances.  For the true kitchen geek, under the gadgets section they can find garlic presses, pancake flippers and even state-of-the-art peelers.  A mixer is no longer just a mixer at Bodum.  Have a look at their small appliances section. Here you will find mixers in an assortment of functional designs. Do you like to make a lasting impression at your dinner parties? Consider using Bodum’s sugar and creamer set. It will have guests talking about your hosting skills for days to come!

Table ware

In this section, you can expect to find items such as mugs and cups, cutlery, carafes and glasses.  If you want create a table settling that will wow critics, consider purchasing their uniquely designed salt and pepper grinders. Their ergonomically designed products have found fans all over the globe.  In this section, you can also find items to organize you home office. Bodum features a wide range of Swedish-inspired office products under the brand name Stockholm.  This includes pencil sharpeners, hole-punchers and pen holders to name a few.


If barbecuing is your passion, then look no further.  At Bodum, you can find grills, grill tools and cutlery.  To enhance your barbecue experience, they also offer items such as sauce pots, knife blocks and salt and pepper grinders, all under their brand name Bistro. At your next family gathering, consider holding a barbecue party.  Your barbecue will leave a lasting impression on all your guests!


Under this section, shoppers can seek out everyday household items such as coffee makers, juicers and toasters.  Their New Products sub category lists products under their brand name Bistro.  Here you will find regular appliances with a jazzy twist, fulfilling both form and function.

Additionally for the budget-conscious shopper, Bodum offers a For Sale section under each of their categories.Overall, shoppers can expect to find a unique shopping experience at  You will find products that have a European design with a family-backed satisfaction guarantee! The customer satisfaction is unmatched. Free shipping for shopping over $50 is an added advantage.