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Booking You 2017 Vacation!

For many of us, winter is just getting started. Then again, many of us having been braving snow for the past six weeks. Either way, by February, you’ll be dying for a tropical vacation. Check out some great deals below to get you through the tail end of winter.

Shopping for Your Destination

Need a little warmth in your life? We found some great deals on the hottest winter vacation spots. Check out these spots now for good deal.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is always a safe bet and you can do it at any price point. Check out Hotel Barcelo. This place is a five star, four diamond hotel that sits along the Pacific Ocean, with a sea of mountainous backdrop.

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Miami Beach is always a fun spot, especially in the dead of winter. Check out Riu Plaza Hotel Miami from $289 per night. It’s a very upscale feel without the crazy Miami Beach prices!

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Costa Rica is one of our favorite getaways because it’s cheap. The most you’ll pay is for airfare, but once your there, it’s definitely a budget vacation. Check out our homepage for a great package deal.

Punta Cana is another great pick for those of us on a budget. Lush white beaches and emerald seas give Punta Cana a heaven-on-earth feel. There are always great deals being offered for this Dominican Republic vacation spot, both all inclusive and not. Check out the Hard Rock for up to 40% off your stay.

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What You Should Know Before Purchasing Your Airline Ticket

But first, follow these useful tips:

  • Browse the sites, but then delete your cookies. There is growing evidence that websites can be tracking your habits in order to drive up price.  Then, purchase on another computer. This might sound all conspiracy theorist-y, but you just never know.
  • Do not buy too early UNLESS you are planning to travel on a holiday or other high airline traffic day. Book about 45 days out for domestic flights and no more than 60 days for international flights.
  • Whenever possible, travel on “off peak days.” Tuesday and Wednesday are the best days on which to book your flight. While it might be inconvenient, it’s the cheapest by hundreds.
  • Consider the time of month.  Many of us book right after being paid (the first and fifteenth, most popularly). Try to book on a day like the 7th, when traffic on the websites are slower, driving down prices.
  • If you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of person (no pun intended), wait until just before the departure date or even on it, and try to find a good deal on an empty seat. No guarantees on this though. Some airlines drive the prices up, in anticipation of emergencies. But on the day of? Empty seats are yours for next to nothing.