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Budget Cleaning

It’s that time of year when we clear out the junk, clean out the fridge, dust the fans, and replace the silverware organizer (all those crumbs and stains that we don’t recognize. But listen, don’t go to Walmart and spend $50 on cleaning products, which you can easily do. Instead, go to Walmart and use these three CHEAP products to conduct your spring cleaning. Literally, the only items you will ever need.


1. Old English Wood Oil

If you don’t regularly clean your cabinets, do that during your spring cleaning. Find every piece of wood at your house and shine it up. Do your kitchen table, your kitchen chairs, stools, clocks…you get the idea. If you are really ambitious, get on a ladder and shine your wooden fan (after you’ve dusted it with a duster or damp cloth). What we love about wood oil is that it not only cleans but hides imperfections.

When you’re done, hit the stainless steel. Oil is the best way to clean and shine stainless steel, especially the kind that shows everything. The best part is that it doesn’t streak if you wipe it down with a soft cloth (microfiber works the best).

Tip: If you have a spray bottle lying around, pour in the oil. It’s a bit of a pain to keep squeezing it out onto the cloth when the wood absorbs it so quickly and the bottle lasts longer if you spray it.

2. Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and is of course, non-toxic. It’s the best window cleaner (guess what the main ingredient in Windex is? Vinegar), toilet cleaner, fixture cleaner, sink cleaner, and air freshener. The strong smell dissipates in a few minutes and it’s a natural deodorizer! Spray it on a cloth (no paper towels–a terrible waste of money!) and clean your doorknobs, light switches, and remote controls. It’s the best way to kill germs without actually damaging anything or leaving any toxins to linger.

3. Krud Kutter

This is pretty much the end-all, be-all to cleaners. It’s biodegradable and cleans everything. You can use different concentrations of the stuff to clean carpets, grout, laundry, tile floors, tubs…literally, you name it and it cleans it. Buy this in bulk at Amazon! It will last months and cut your cleaning bill in half.