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Budget-Minded Party Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

So, Labor Day weekend is just about here, and you’re struggling with ideas for your party. The whole family and a few of your friends are going to be at your house for a killer barbecue, and you need everything to be just right. But, with school right around the corner, you have other things that are occupying your mind and your wallet at the moment. 

Here’s how you can plan your Labor Day party without the hassle.

Buy Paper and Plastic Everything

There’s no way you are going to want to clean up a ton of dishes after this party. There’s also no way you’re going to spend money on extra silverware and plates. Simply visit a Target, local party store, or dollar store to get what you need. Order in bulk and save the leftovers for your next party.

Labor Day Weekend, party, party ideas

DIY Decorations

No need to spend a lot of money decorating your yard. Read up on DIY activities on the web, and gather a team of crafty nieces and nephews to help you out. Go to your local art store or home improvement store like Lowes to buy what you need for the projects. You’ll save a ton of money and your yard will look awesome!

Labor Day Weekend, party, party ideas

Provide Just a Few Tasty Drinks

Buying different drinks for everyone at the party can be expensive. Instead, keep it to two or three popular drinks that everyone will love. Some ideas include pina coladas, strawberry daiquiris, and margaritas. Typically, you can make a big batch of these drinks to keep everyone going throughout the party. This is a great way to save money for your Labor Day Weekend party.

Labor Day Weekend, party, party ideas, drinks

Be Creative with Your Food

Food can cost a lot and last very little time at a party. To make the most of the food you’ll be offering, try finding ways to make it go far. A good idea is to go with different kinds of dips and pair them up with chips, veggies, or bread. Check out Blue Apron or Amazon Fresh to see what affordable recipes and ingredients they’re offering this week. And, if you’re up for it, get a chocolate fountain and buy some bananas and strawberries. Don’t forget the barbecue!

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Play Good  Tunes

What’s a party without music? Pretty boring if you ask us. Every party needs some tunes to liven it up. Get yourself a good, unlimited playlist with a discount subscription to Sirius. Make it loud so everyone can hear it with a deal on an iHome or a Mobi Cube speaker off of Amazon.

Labor Day Weekend, party, party ideas

Make Some Lawn Games

If you plan on having kids attend your Labor Day Weekend party (or kids who are trapped inside adult bodies), then it’s a good idea to incorporate some lawn games. Add a game of croquet, buy a soccer ball, water balloons, horseshoes, or some sidewalk chalk. Toys R Us should have good options at a cheap price. These games are relatively inexpensive and can last for Labor Days to come.

Labor Day Weekend, though it holds other meanings, is all about spending time with friends and family before school starts. Bring everyone together with a Labor Day Weekend Party, without going over budget.