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Buy Back to School Supplies for the Whole Family – in Bulk!

Big families get absolutely crazy this time of year. Coordinating multiple schedules for multiple grades and locations is hard enough, the last thing you need is to make multiple trips for school supplies. A trip to the grocery store is already like herding cats, let’s make back to school shopping easy!

For basics like writing utensils, paper, notebooks and rulers, you can’t go wrong ordering online. Shipped right to your front door, school supplies can easily be distributed and dispersed among your big crew. This is also a great option for daycare facilities, youth centers, and non-profit organizations. It’s always nice to have extra, so if you over-order this year, consider donating your excess to a children’s organization.

In the meantime, start figuring out what your squad needs – but the basics are always the same.

  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • Noteboots
  • Erasers
  • Calculator
  • Backpack
  • Lunchbox

Depending on the age, the needs will obviously vary. Bulk Office Supply has everything you could possibly need to get your kids ready for school. Not only are these prices set to wholesale prices, but we can help you save even more money with special deals!

Binders at office supply stores can be over $5 – sometimes over $10! Buying in bulk puts the price at just over $2.This will keep everyone’s homework in a safe place between school and home – no excuses for lost homework!

A scientific calculator like this one from Texas Instruments will be useful all the way through college. Getting one for less than $15 is an absolute steal, and this one is just over $10! Whether they’re in basic math or calculus, this calculator will be the perfect companion.

Who could count the number of pencils a class goes through in a year? From lost pencils to broken pencils, it’s best to have as many as you can ready as backup. Bulk Office Supply makes this easy by offering discounts on high quantity orders. Find packs of pencils for as low as $1.59 per dozen.

As I promised, we can help you save even more by scoring you a free shipping coupon at Bulk Office Supply. Use this promotion to get your entire family squared away and ready for the new school year.