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Buying Baby Gear on a Budget


Congratulations on you new arrival! Whether this is your first child or your fifth, chances are that you will need to purchase some baby gear, such as baby car seats, a diaper bag, a portable play pen or travel crib, and a baby carrier. You may also need furniture for your baby, such as a crib, a high chair and a changing table.

Let’s face it, the cost of all of that baby gear and baby toys can add up. Experts estimate that if you include furniture and toys, plus baby gear, you can spend upwards of $1,800 or more outfitting your baby.

Fortunately, with the right savings strategies, you can buy that baby gear on a budget, and save 30 to 70 percent on all of the things that your baby needs.

Prioritize the Baby Gear

Do you really need that baby wipe warmer? Probably not. A baby car seat is essential, though. In fact, it is the law. Plan on spending a little more money for high quality gear and name brands when it comes to safety. Spend less on other items that aren’t a high priority or see if you can cut them out all together.

Cute Baby Outfits

Part of the fun of expecting a baby is to shop for all of the cute baby outfits. Just keep in mind that infants grow quickly, and you may find that your baby outgrows those cute outfits in just a couple of weeks, or sometimes even in a few days! Consider purchasing one really nice outfit for coming home from the hospital or birthing center, and less expensive baby clothing for every day use. Get a variety of sizes.

Take Advantage of Baby Coupons

Baby coupons and free coupon codes can help you reduce your baby budget. Check your favorite coupon websites as often as you can, at least on a daily basis. This will allow you to take advantage of the hottest deals and coupon codes while they are still available.

Search multiple stores in your hunt for deals. One may have the best price on cribs, while another may offer you a deep discount on a baby car seat.

Tell Family and Friends

Family and friends love to purchase baby gear. Help them buy the best baby stuff by telling them exactly what you need and being specific when it comes to brand name baby gear, if that is important to you.