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Buying Guide For Halloween Decorations

Halloween is one of those festivals were being wacky and weird and funky is accepted. It’s the time when everyone wants their house to be the next Haunted House on the block. But to win that title you need to put in little efforts when it comes to deciding on the Halloween decorations.

Here is your buying guide for Halloween decorations to shock the guests by your creativity:

Halloween Decorations

  1. Halloween Pumpkin: What’s a Halloween without its traditional pumpkin face? That orange face with a big grin has been the scariest sign for ages and hence a must have for Halloween décor. It can be placed near the window or on the center table or simple hung outside.
  2. Halloween Candles: The favorite prop for every scariest creature known has been the candles. They always tend to add smokiness in a dramatic manner. Making ghosts and all scarier than they usually are and hence another must have item for our haunted house. You can pick candles in shapes that represent the Halloween shape like pumpkin shaped, ghost shaped o scary skulled shaped candles for perfect look and feel.
  3. Skeletons: Fake skeleton has always been everyone’s favorite. Though age old trick but it still work and scares a shit of out a lot of people. Hence an item worth adding to the list. You can conveniently find this in the shopping mall nearby or the online stores that offer Halloween party supplies.
  4. Halloween Tombstones: A haunted house is always incomplete without its tombstone. One or more is a choice that depends upon one’s decoration but a tombstone always adds that scary effect of the graveyard and dead. Place it in the front yard for perfect feel. You can readily find them in the market or online at unbelievable prices.
  5. A low laying fog machine: For all those who like to give a more dramatic effect to their haunted house a low laying fog machine is a must. It would create that needed atmosphere with white fog covering the floor lending that smokiness that a haunted house needs.
  6. Glow Tape: Nothing beats the effect of the glow tape on a scary dark night. The florescent effect that emancipates from the tape is that needed element which lends your house its haunted effect.
  7. Animatronics: For those who are ready to shell out a little extra animatronics is a must. They add that realistic effect of moving rats to moving full-size Zombies which will surely scare the hell out of everyone.
  8. Insta-Theme: To give the house and its wall the dimensional effect of the haunted house. One can use these peel and stick appliqués on the walls. They are easy and can be removed once the Halloween party is over.
  9. One more thing: you should know how to Reduce stress During Halloween Shopping and Treat Your Wallet With Savings.

So as Halloween approaches, you should get ready to rush to the nearby store to collect all essential we listed. So that you can have the HAUNTED HOUSE you always wanted and win the loads of appreciation for pulling of the party successfully.