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Capital One Cash Rewards $100 Cash Back Bonus – a review

In the recent time the number of credit card users has increased to a great extent as the users do not need to carry much more flexible options. The users do not need to carry a lot of cash along with them, they can a record of all the purchases that they are making and it is extremely convenient particularly when we are engaged in online transactions. However, they are many options available in the market and the users need to make the right choice while selecting a credit card if they want to enjoy all the added advantages.

Capital One Cash Rewards $100 Cash Back Bonus card is the ultimate cash back credit card that is available to all the potential clients in the present time. Here are some of the advantages of this particular credit card that makes it better than the rest.


The best cash back option

One of the vital advantages of using credit card is that the users get cash back offers on the purchases that are being made from the credit card. This is one of the primary reasons because of which the number of credit card users has increased to a great extent. However the cash back offers that are offered by the different financial institutions varies a lot. The latest Capital One Cash cards offer to all the users the hottest deals which is better than any other existing credit cards available in the present time. All the users are guaranteed 100$ cash back if the card holder makes a purchase 500$ within the first three months of the issue of the card. Thus this is the most alluring option available to all the potential clients.

Additional benefits

Apart from the onetime bonus the card holders also have the opportunity of getting unlimited cash back options. For every purchase they make by using this credit card they are being offered 1% cash back on the total amount. Moreover, they also get a 50% cash back annually on the total cash backs that they have earned throughout the year. Thus a Capital One Card user is going to enjoy discounts on all purchases made by them irrespective of the fact whether the retailers are giving it or not.


The Capital One credit card users do not need to pay any annual subscription fee for using the card on a regular basis i.e. no APR is being charged on the card. This card does not include any other hidden cost that is going to make it expensive affair in the long run.

Anytime redemption

The bonus points or the cash back that are earned by the card holder can be redeemed at any point of time. Even the users can offer some opt for automatic redemption scheme whereby after a certain point of time some amount of bonus cash will get automatically redeemed once you swap it for buying some goods.

These are some of the factors that make the Capital One card a much better credit card in comparison to all the other option available to the potential clients. Avail this card at the earliest and enjoy unlimited cash back privileges all through the years.