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Capital One Platinum Credit Card – review

Capital One is one of the renowned Fortune 500 Company that has been providing miscellaneous financial services like providing loans, credit services and other services to the American business houses and citizens for more than two decades. This organization has the most novel and exclusive credit card options for the prospective clients because of which it had gained immense popularity among the masses. The Capital One Platinum Credit Card is particularly suitable for the individuals who have relatively middling credit score. Here is an exhaustive review of the Capital One Platinum credit card that is going to make your decision easier.

Capital One Platinum Credit Card

Master card benefits

The Capital One Platinum credit card comes with all the benefits that you usually enjoy in a MasterCard like the latest security features, usability in any part of world, auto rental and travel accident insurance, extended warranty at zero charge on all the products purchased by using it and 24×7 roadside and travel assistance option.

No annual subscription fee

The applicants need not pay any subscription fee for the first year. This is an introductory offer which gives the card holder the opportunity to save a lot of money. From the second year onwards the card holders need to pay only 19$ as annual subscription fee which is way to cheaper in comparison to the other credit cards.

Card customization option

With Capital One Platinum Credit Card you need not use a drab and boring looking card as the issuing authority has provided the cardholders with the option for customizing the appearance of the credit card with your image or some of the standard designs that are offered by the issuing company.

Free of cost text message alerts

All the users will receive text alerts whenever they swipe this particular variety of credit card. This will help the users to maintain a record of the transactions made through it and also refer to them easily whenever required. These ready references will also help in keeping a check on the expenses of the card holder.

Fraud liability of the cardholder is nil

In case of theft or loss of the card the liability of the card holder is zilch and is limited to informing the authorities at the earliest opportunity. The responsibility of the counterfeit transactions made through the stolen card will be borne by the issuing company.

Zero balance transfer or foreign transaction fee

You are simply going to love this card if you love to indulge in online shopping from ecommerce sites outside USA. If you make payment through the Capital One Platinum credit card, then you need not pay any foreign transaction fee and thereby save a lot of money. Moreover no charges are applicable if you transfer balance from other credit card account to the Capital One Platinum credit card account. However if the card holder opt for cash advance, then he or she will be charged 3% interest on the specified amount.

All these lucrative features make this particular credit card a much better option in comparison to the others. This card is also an ideal solution for individual with limited credit history. Moreover the maintenance cost of the card is also minimal and thus making it a viable choice for most prospective clients.