Capture Your Summer Memories

Every summer, we ramp up our rec time into overdrive. We hit up the spray parks. We go on vacation. We get together with friends more often. All those thing the school year typically constricts us from doing as often as we like are suddenly fair game.

With all that activity come additional family memories and moments. We’re really glad to live in an era where those memories are so easy to capture, but we also find that because everything is so digital, there are chances that either:

  • Those memories will never get printed out. They’ll be perpetually scrolled through, but never quite tangible.
  • Something funky will happen with our phones and we’ll lose a year’s worth of memories.

Unfortunately, both have happened to us before—despite efforts to automatically back everything up on the cloud. Sometimes technology fails, and sometimes in our busy lives, we don’t find the time to take something online into our physical lives.

That’s why it’s so important to take the time to preserve your summer memories. You’ll have the assurance of knowing you have them should something ever happen to your tech, and your kids will benefit from being able to see themselves in print form—which helps their self-esteem and sense of identity.

When you’re trying to find the best way to preserve those summer memories for your family, know that there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. There’s a variety of ways to get things in print. Here are some ideas from AdoramaPix.

Photo Books

Photo books are a great way to preserve three months worth of memories in one place. Software can help you arrange them all quickly, or you can go in and do it all manually if there’s a really specific story you’d like to tell with your photos.

AdoramaPix offers a lot of options on this front. We love their lay-flat books. They keep your photos from disappearing into the crease at the binding. There are also luxe covers that you can pay extra for, but there are affordable options, too.

Canvas Prints

Gotta be honest with you—I’m not the best photographer. But this year, I took the best picture I’ve ever taken of one of my children on the beach. At sunsest. And I’ve decided that this is an occasion to get it blown up and printed on canvas.

When you have a great photograph of a beautiful memory, getting a canvas print is a great way to display it in your home. It’s like art, only insanely personal.

Prints for the Album

Getting photos printed for a photo album is also a great way to preserve memories. It also gives you the freedom to pick which ones you want to frame after you’ve ordered and seen them IRL.

AdoramaPix has six different paper types: luster, glossy, matte, silk, metallic and deep matte. They also have 25 different image sizes which is good. You can get the traditional sizes if you really need them to fit into the album, but with digital photos, sometimes the traditional sizes will cut off people’s heads or distort the image, so it’s good to have choices.