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Celebrate Earth Day with These Sustainable Eco-Friendly Changes

On Earth Day we collectively focus our energy and attention on the well-being of our planet. While it is certainly noble to plant trees, clean streams and remove trash from the roads on this special day it is even more important to live a sustainable, environmentally friendly life each and every day. What small changes can you make to your daily routine that will have a huge impact on your carbon footprint? Here are a few easy options to consider.

Use Reusable Drinkware

Drink your coffee in a re-usable cup. Now through April 24th Starbucks is offering 20% off drinkware with coupon code EARTH. Bring your new cup to your favorite coffee shop or brew your own coffee at home. If you choose the make-your-own option consider composting the coffee grounds when you are done with them. The bonus to this approach: It’s a whole lot less expensive to make it yourself.

Carry Brown Bag Lunches without the Brown Bag

Replace your out-of-office lunches with a simple meal packed and carried from home. We all know that fast food meals are typically packaged in plastic and paper that ultimately ends up in the landfill. Rather than adding to that waste, make your own lunch and look for reusable containers that can be washed, dried and refilled time and time again. The Container Store carries a number of stainless steel lunchboxes that can be easily used as your new ‘brown bag.’  These earth-friendly containers will allow you to pack sandwiches, salads and snacks all while avoiding fast food trash and plastic sandwich bags.

Use Reusable Silverware

Don’t forget about the silverware. Skip the plastic forks, knives and spoons in favor of utensils from your own kitchen. If you are worried about losing a piece in transition, then look for a spare set of utensils in your local thrift store.

Recycle Your Clothing

Make an effort to recycle your clothing. You can celebrate Earth Day with a little spring-cleaning of your own home. Search through your closets and drawers for unwanted clothes in good condition and donate them to a local charity or thrift store. You can also sell them to Poshmark, an online second-hand store. You might just earn a little money from items that you no longer wish to wear.

Buy Second Hand

Speaking of clothing, consider shopping at local thrift stores or buying clothes from online consignment stores like ThredUp. You can find incredible deals on gently used clothing for women and kids. You can even find designer collections, shoes and handbags. Save 40% on your first order with coupon code THRIFTY40.

Purchase Quality Clothing

When you purchase clothing look for quality items that will last for the long haul. It may cost a little more to buy quality clothing, but it’s a whole lot more eco-friendly to purchase a shirt that will last for twenty years, then to buy a new shirt every year because its so poorly made that it frays.

This Earth Day focus on small, but sustainable changes. These tiny steps will make a big impact on your wallet, your life and your world.