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Celebrate Easter on a Budget

Easter is such a fun holiday, and it’s unique in that there are so many ways to celebrate on the cheap. While you’re celebrating the holiday of new life, do so in a way that doesn’t require you to use your credit card to death. Here are some great ways to celebrate Easter on a budget.

Free Kids Events

No matter where you live, there are bound to be free events for kids all around this week. Many churches have Easter egg hunts, which are super fun for children, and offer socialization opportunities for parents, too. They’re usually free and open to the community, so you don’t even have to be a religious person in order to participate.

You should also check out local stores and organizations, as they’ll often have free children’s events as a way to get people into their store or interested in their organization. Some will even put an event on because their primary purpose is local community. One great resource to find these events is your local chapter of Macaroni Kid.

Free Flowers

Nothing says Spring and new life life the season’s first flowers. If you must spend money on a professional arrangement, be sure to use promo codes like the current 20% off code for 1800Flowers so you can save money.

But really, this is something you can get for free. If you have flowers in your yard, you can pick them and bring them in to freshen up your home. If you don’t, take a walk to a local park or field and pick wildflowers, as long as they aren’t protected per park rules.

Get Help With Easter Dinner

Whether you do brunch or dinner on Easter, don’t feel like you have to do it all yourself. Ask guests to bring sides like the green bean casserole or rolls. Ask someone else to bring dessert. Ask yet another person to bring pop or other drinks. By the time you delegate, all you’ll have to worry about is the ham, which cuts both cost and stress for everyone involved, including you.

Sunday Best on a Budget

Adorable dresses. Suits and ties in toddler-sized pastels. Big hats and fancy shoes. These are the things of Easter Sunday photo ops.

Those adorable little outfits can get expensive, though. Instead of buying a brand new outfit that your child will likely only wear one, check out children’s consignment or resale stores in your area. They’re bound to have an abundance this time of year, as they know their market well. You can get gently used, brand new clothing that someone else’s kid has probably only worn once for a fraction of the cost. We’re talking pennies on the dollar.

When you’re looking back on your photo album, we swear no one will be the wiser.


Of course, Easter is a religious holiday. If you are a religious person, worshipping doesn’t cost a cent. Easter Sundays are known for being big events, with some churches going as far as putting on theatrical productions, and nearly all of them having something educational within the context of Christianity. Obviously, it’s all free, and it’s often even open to those who are not necessarily members of the congregation.

If you’re not religious, you can still celebrate by appreciating all the new life this season offers through the symbols of multiplying bunnies, eggs soon to hatch, and your freshly picked flowers.