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Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Kids


As a mom of 8, I’ve rung in many a year with children. I’ve learned the best ways to make it special for them without making it overwhelming or exhausting for me. Here are my tips to celebrating New Years Eve with kids without going crazy:

  • Host a “Noon Year’s Eve” Party – If your children are too small to stay up until midnight, but they still want in on the action, consider hosting a party and count down to noon on New Year’s Eve. It’ll be just like watching the clock tick away until midnight, but they won’t wake up grouchy or exhausted the next morning.


  • Set the Clocks Ahead – What if your child is just too smart and knows it’s supposed to be dark on New Year’s Eve, but you still don’t want them trying to stay up until midnight? Celebrating New Year’s Eve can be tricky then, but it doesn’t have to be. Turn all the clocks in the house ahead a few hours and make 7 o’clock be “midnight” instead. It gets dark so early now that unless they watch you change the clocks, they’ll never even know!
  • Share a “Kiss” with your Kids – Sometimes older kids think kissing is “gross” and they don’t want a kiss from their Mommy. Instead, give them a Hershey kiss to ring in the New Year. 🙂 Everyone will be happy that way!
  • Create a Time Capsule – Have your kids (or you) write down all the great and/or memorable things that happened this year. Seal up your time capsule and open it 5 or 10 years down the road.
  • Ring in the New Year with a Balloon Drop – No matter what time of the day or night you are ringing in the New Year, if your children won’t be staying up to watch the Ball drop, consider making your own balloon drop. The kids will love the balloons, and the clean up will be much easier than confetti!
  • Take LOTS of Photos! – Your children won’t always be little, so no matter how you decide to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids, you’ll want to document every moment of it. Then, use these promo codes from the Costco Photo Center and you can get prints starting at just 17 cents!


  • Pizza Parties are the Best! – Kids love pizza parties, and a pizza party to celebrate new year’s eve with kids is a great way to show kids just how special they are. Right now, you can use these Jet’s Pizza promo codes and get a Family Pac for just $17.79. That’s a great deal!

However you choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve with kids, the most important thing is letting them have fun and feel like they are a part of something special.

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