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Chase Freedom Visa – review

Chase Freedom Visa credit card is one of the best and most popular cash back credit card that is being offered by JPMorgan Chase a premier financial institution. All the new credit card holders who have these cards are entitled to 100 USD cash back as reward. This particular card is ideal for those who want to make most of the cash earning opportunity by using a credit card. Here is a detailed review of the best and the not so good features of the Chase Freedom credit card.

Best features

Our Verdict: 4.5/5 Stars

Great cash back earning opportunity

By using this credit card the card holders can earn at least 5% cash back on different things at different time of the year and 1% cash back reward on any item all round the year. For example from January to March 5% cash bash reward is offered on gas and items bought from Amazon, while from October to December the same cash back is offered on air tickets, hotel charges, Kohls and other shop.

Chase Freedom Visa Card

Lucrative bonus points

Every point earned by the user by using this card is equivalent to 1$. These reward points are extremely flexible and can be used for getting discounts on any products or air tickets or any other services. The card holders also have the option of merging the reward points earned from two Chase Freedom credit cards to opt for an expensive product.

The best signing up bonus

The Chase Freedom credit card offers by far the best signing up bonus that is not offered by any other credit card companies. Previously it use to offer as much as 250$ for just signing up with them, in the recent time it has been reduced to 100$ which is also not less. You will receive this $100 cash back bonus after spending just $500 in your first three months of having this card. This $500 spend can be in the form of purchases, balance transfers or checks.

No annual subscription fee

For using Chase Freedom card you need not pay anything to the issuing company as annual subscription fee. Moreover no charges are applicable on balance transfer from other accounts.

Not so good features

Firstly, it offers fewer protections in comparison to the recent high caliber plastic money. The basic advantages like car insurance and other such services come along with it but it has not yet being calibrated with other security features.

Secondly, the rotating scheme of rewards is annoying to some extent. On the contrary it would have been better if a universal amount would have been applied all round the year on the specified objects. Moreover, the card holders need to reapply for the specific category discounts in every three months to avail the benefits. Otherwise they are not going to get it.

Regardless of the above stated disadvantages associated with Chase Freedom Visa Credit Card, it is still one of the best Visa credit cards available in the present time. It is best for buying groceries, fuel or other articles of daily necessity as then the users are going to earn much more cash backs from it. Thus irrespective of the time of the year you are going to get some discounts on every product you purchase by swapping this card. Since this card is accepted almost everywhere, it is also the first option of prospective clients.

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