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Cheap and Easy Fall Decor

Apples, apples, apples.

Jars of apples everywhere. Do green apples, red apples, and everything in between. Gather your old vases from the house and fill them with your latest orchard treasures. If you go to the fabric or craft store and cut a burlap table runner, you have your fall centerpiece.

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Oh how we love branches. The cheapest and most fun way to decorate with your kids. Glue some branches to your votives for this enchanting look. Instead of baby’s breath, use branches as flower fillers, or all on their own. In order to be extra cool about it, paint some of your branches an unexpected color, like teal or purple. Scatter tiny pumpkins about and you have an instantly cheap fall look!

When you are on a budget, it isn't always easy to find ways to decorate your home. If you love to decorate for fall but don't have a lot to spend, you will love this series about decorating for fall on a budget! 1. Use what you have 2. Shop thrift stores & dollar stores...
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Tiny Pumpkins

Check your garage for bins that could hold lots of tiny pumpkins. They last a bit longer than larger pumpkins and we love the more subtle look of scattered small pumpkins. We love them in galvanized bins or pales (stuff it with dirt or newspaper so the pumpkins top off the bin), stuff your hurricane jars, or create a centerpiece by placing them in a bowl mixed with apples. And finally, drill a hole and stick a tall candle in them for DIY candlesticks! OR, stick them atop larger candlesticks (instead of candles). Want to go chic? Use white ones!

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As noted above, candles are always festive and leave you tons of options as a centerpiece or mantle piece. We love decorative votives, cool candlesticks, and creative use of outdoor materials. If you like something simple, go to the craft store and pick up some twine (to be used for a million DIY projects), a few plain candles, and some leaves (real ones will go up in flames). Using the twine, wrap the leaves around the candles. We are also obsessed with this mason jar version. Use different sizes, and toss in some mini pumpkins for a gorgeous, inexpensive display.

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