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Cheap and Easy Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained During Summer Break

Trying to keep the kids entertained during the summer can be challenge without breaking the bank. Since this is the best time of the year for the kids we have to make it memorable. Here are some tips on cheap and easy ways to keep them entertained during summer break.

Get Creative

Have a craft day with the kids in the backyard. Invite some neighborhood kids over and family members. For example, you could plan a paint party.  Ask for a small donation from the parents to help with the cost. Be sure to check out all the craft store coupons, you can save 50% off or more at times. Plus, the kids will have a craft to take home!1

Water Activities

Keep cool this summer and keep the kids entertained for hours. Sprinklers, bubbles, slip and slides. Mom and Dad can get in on the fun too! They will definitely beat the heat and have a blast doing it.

Backyard Camping

Pitch a tent in the backyard for the kids. Camping is always fun, have a bonfire, make some s’mores, tell ghost stories or go on a nature walk. Pack a picnic for the kids to eat outdoors and grab the outdoor games; cornhole, volleyball or any other yard games you have lying around. The kids will enjoy it even though it’s right in your backyard.2

Local Activities

Check your local area for free events during the summer. You will be surprised on the things there are to do with the kids. Be a tourist in your town for a day. Go hiking, hang out at the beach and check out some parks. You can make a day out of this with exploring your town. This is a great learning experience for them. Save on local activities and events on Groupon as well.bury-1153042_960_720

Put Them to Work

Get the kids involved with helping you out! This is a great way for them to earn money to save or to pay for the things they want to do this summer. Some great ideas for them to help you would be to have them help in the garden, yard work, wash vehicles, help you pack for your trips (camping, vacation etc) or let them choose. Ask them what chores they would like to be responsible for during the summer.

Have a Garage Sale

Set up a garage sale and let the kids help. This is a great way to get to get them involved and to clean their room. It also will teach them to get in a habit of getting rid of toys or clothes they don’t wear along with teaching math skills during the sale. Adding a lemonade stand will also teach them economics and about working hard.

Always remember to have your camera nearby and take pictures! What are some of your favorite inexpensive summer activities?