Cheap Getaways Departing LaGuardia

Somewhere around 225,000 people fly out of LaGuardia every day. If you’re one of them, we have a treat for you. We’ve gathered up some super cheap flights out of New York City, which can be found via Expedia, to help you plan your next getaway.


If you’re sick and tired of all the politics and polarization that have taken over our country, going to Canada for a few days can provide a brief reprieve from all the stress. That’s not to say you won’t hear anything about the US while you’re there, but it is a foreign country, so American politics won’t necessarily be the default conversation topic at the dinner table.

On top of that, Toronto is a beautiful city full of culture. Canada’s thawing out, too, making this a great time of year to visit.

If you wanted to head out next weekend, you can find a flight on WestJet out of LaGuardia for $199.

Washington, D.C.

Want to do the exact opposite and get up close and personal with the madness? Traveling to Washington, D.C. is a little bit cheaper, and Spring just happens to be a beautiful time of year to jet down there. The cherry blossoms are just starting to peak out, the weather is more than tolerable, and there are a bunch of free museums and educational stops to check out while you’re down there.

Heading out next weekend? WestJet flights can be found out of LGA for only $180.


Spring is also a good time of year to enjoy the deep south. The heat and humidity isn’t bad enough yet to coax everyone indoors, making it prime time for exploration.

And there’s a lot to explore in Savannah. You can sit in the same spot where Tom Hanks informed us that life is like a box of chocolates, walk in awe under the towering gothic structures of the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist, check out some haunts on Tybee Island, or go shopping at City Market.

The cheapest flight during the same time frame comes from United at $213.40.

Las Vegas

What isn’t there to do in Vegas? Whether you want to gamble (which is not a wise financial decision—just saying,) grab some good eats or see Britney Spears before she ends her residency in the city of sin, you definitely will have a hard time bored when you head out west to this desert oasis.

Believe it or not, you can get a nonstop flight a week out on American Airlines for $251. That’s one heck of a deal.

San Francisco

If you want to go even west-er coast, it’s not too much more money to head to San Francisco. Iconic, and greener, scenery abounds including the Painted Ladies, Monterey Bay Aquarium, The California Academy of Sciences, and, of course, the Golden Gate Bridge. Now that baseball season is open catching a game at AT&T park doesn’t sound like such a bad idea, either.

You will hit one layover, but you can get this flight as low as $270 from American Airlines with only a week’s notice.