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Check Out These Gift Ideas for Friends with Fall Birthdays

Buying birthday presents for people is never an easy thing. We’re always wondering whether or not we’re choosing the right gift, if we’re spending enough (or too little), or if we should even get a gift in the first place. If you have friends with fall birthdays, then luckily you can rely on the theme of the season to help you choose the appropriate gift. Here are some ideas that will bring a smile to your friend’s face, and won’t make you feel like you spent too much, either.



This time of year, the weather is getting uncomfortably cold. People will need as many ways as they can to warm up. To set the feeling, it’s common that people light up some candles in their home. Candles are always a good gift idea because they not only smell great, but they make a house look nice, too. For you friend’s fall birthday, choose some candles which you can get at a good price from Lowe’s.

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A Subscription to Netflix

What’s better than enjoying the fall evenings than a Netflix marathon? Not much! For your friend’s fall birthday, get him or her a subscription to Netflix or another streaming service like Vudu. Whether you expect your friend to enjoy it by themselves or you’re hoping they’ll invite you over every weekend, it’s a good gift idea no matter what!

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A Good Book or Kindle Gift Card

Fall is the perfect time to cozy up with a good book. But, what to read? There are so many best sellers out there today, how can you possibly choose the right one for your friend’s birthday? Ask them their favorite genre, and see what’s recommended on Amazon. If they’re not into physical books, then a Kindle gift card will do the trick!

Things for the Home

Decorating your house for the fall season is always a fun thing to do. And, when someone buys the decorations for you, then it’s even better! Get your friend some nice fall decor for their house as a birthday present. You can’t go wrong with this! Get some inspiration at Bed Bath and Beyond, which will also help you save money on your gift choice.

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Warm and Fuzzy Clothing and Accessories

If you’re not sure what fall birthday gift to get for your friend, then getting anything warm and fuzzy is the way to go. We wouldn’t necessarily recommend a sweater or jacket, as that might be risky. But, things like blankets, warm slippers for the house, colorful socks, or a big, thick scarf, would make anyone happy! Find what you need along with a birthday card, all at a good price from Target!

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DIY Crafts and Gift Bags

This time of year, there is so much you can do with arts and crafts that are fall-themed. Get your friend their own DIY tools from Annie’s Catalog so they can make something themselves, or check Pinterest for some ideas. Perhaps make a cute jar full of their favorite Halloween candy, or a gift bag filled with orange nail polish, face masks, and some perfume.

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A Cake!

Who doesn’t love cake on their birthday? For your friend with a fall birthday, get them a cake, cupcakes, or some other sweet treats! After all, it is the time of year to give into your sweet tooth! Get a cake from your local bakery.

Happy birthday to your friend that was lucky enough to be born in fall! Get them one of these great gifts to celebrate them, the season, and your money-saving abilities!