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It is a fact that many students can’t afford to buy new textbooks on their college bookstores for a specific semester only. But now, Chegg enables students to connect to the reading material and tools that they need to survive their semester in college. What they need is to rent or buy cheap college books so they could get the chance to have educational materials at a lower price. College bookstores are known to sell expensive textbooks thus students are now looking for more option to get textbooks without spending too much.

Chegg is an online site that specializes in book rentals; both in digital and physical format. This is meant to help students especially in college to get textbooks for their studies. The site founded and inspired by three Iowa State University students in 2001. And they provide Chegg coupon on their book rental so that everyone is able to read the books they’re interested in. Let’s go straight to Chegg and acquire more detailed information about their services.


  • Rent or buy cheap textbooks online and save up to 80%.
  • Use Chegg coupon code: Freshman103 to receive 10% off on rentals of $75 or more.
  • Students can order or rent textbooks by entering the ISBN, title or author on Chegg’s online site for a quarter or semester.
  • Textbooks are mailed on orange boxes. At the end of the term, students will receive through email a pre-paid postage barcode which will be printed to affix on any box for free shipping to Chegg.
  • Chegg also permits highlighting their textbooks but doesn’t permit writing on it.
  • Chegg has a 21 day money back guarantee for any reason like you have dropped out of that subject or will not continue studying.
  • The website also offers coupons and deals to help more students take chance to have textbooks at school.
  • Their website also features Homework Help section that you can post your homework question on a live community and get answers from other people. Plus you can also find solutions manual on their site.
  • They also have Homework Help membership that lets you access their 24×7 Online Study help on your hardest classes.
  • You can sell back textbooks or any used books to Chegg and make some money. Find out the worth of your books by getting a quote (which you can also find on their site). Once you agreed on the pricing, you can then ship your books via UPS for free – Chegg will shoulder the shipment. You get paid once Chegg received your books.


Another problem faced by many of college students about textbooks is that they are very expensive and yet they won’t need it after the semester is over. And sometimes, there is no good way to sell back textbooks. People will definitely look for other options that are lesser and will save them money as possible.

Save hundreds of dollars on your textbooks through Chegg online services with Chegg coupons. You don’t have to buy new textbooks on bookstores and other stores that are so expensive when you can rent it via Chegg. This site helps students survive their homework’s and needs for textbooks. There are also popular eTextbooks that you can find in Chegg for all connected devices if you prefer to read it online.