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Choosing from Pay as You Go versus Monthly Pay Phone Plans

cell phone plansChoosing a cell phone plan can be a difficult decision. With so many different companies out there, so many plans to choose from, and so many different phones to choose from, the decision is even harder these days than it used to be.

Deciding if you want to pay a set monthly fee for your cell phone service may be the first step in finding what direction you want to go. The other option is to pay as you go, or to add minutes to your phone as you use them up. While this second route is often cheaper and may be just right for infrequent cell phone users, it may not offer all the features that you want.

Going with a company that offers a monthly service at a set price may include everything you need. If you use a cell phone solely and have no landline service, you may need more minutes available than would someone with a home phone service. Paying as you go might become more expensive in such a case. Assessing your needs as far as amount of phone usage is important in deciding what you want to go with.

Do you text much? Often, you can buy a certain number of texts to add to your phone plan, but, if you text a lot, it might be important to go with unlimited texting. Again, a pay as you go plan could get expensive with excessive testing, so this might be another case in which a set monthly plan would work better for you. If you use a cell phone a lot, having a set monthly fee for all the minutes you need can bring peace of mind, as the bill will bring with it no surprises.

A downside for many users to monthly pay plans is that a contract for a year or two is often required. With all the competition out there, though, this is not always true. Check with your provider for options. A downside to pay as you go plans has traditionally been the limited choice in quality phones. Often, this type of service comes with a cheap phone. While cheap isn’t necessarily bad, some of these phones have small buttons, with tiny screens that are hard to read. The phone is basic in that all it can do is make phone calls-no camera, no internet. Even texting can be tedious. However, this is no longer necessarily true. More and more pay as you go plans are offering better phones, even Smart Phones, such as Blackberry and Samsung brands.

Shopping online can find you even more discounts on phone plans-as well as information on all kinds of pay as you go versus monthly phone plans. Of course, AT&T is a viable option, as it is a company that has been around a long time and offers more than just cell phone service. Many people choose AT&T because they also get their television and internet service through the company, along with a landline phone, if they have one. Bundling these services into one bill saves money. AT&T offers even more options and more discounts online.

A growing wireless service that does not even offer a contract is Straight Talk, a monthly cell phone plan through Wal-Mart. You can get a monthly plan for as low as $30 with limited voice and texting minutes. For $45, all this is unlimited. With these two plans, the phones, which have pretty basic features, even come with the service, although you have the option of purchasing a phone that is more advanced.

“Can you hear me now?” Who hasn’t heard this famous line from Verizon Wireless’s commercials? Verizon boasts extensive network coverage in over 200 countries across the world. They also have a variety of plans, with or without contracts. Their online store is easy to navigate, as you just click on the features you want and are guided to find the plan that is right for you.

Finally, LetsTalk is a company that offers a number of companies through which to choose a cell phone plan. They offer comparison shopping on different phones and plans, including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. This site saves you money by not buying directly from the carrier. While perhaps not as well-known a company, LetsTalk is worth looking at when considering a cell phone plan.