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Choosing the Best Antivirus Software for Your Computer

Viruses, malwares and spywares are spamming the online world. One click to download the attachment sent by friends can destroy all your system along with all its data. Threats and hackers are everywhere, that’s why we need to protect our files and computer from these internet hazards.

Well, it doesn’t just exist online but also on file sharing like USB storages and external devices.
Many of us store important data and documents on our personal computers without back-ups. First, always put in mind that you need to have multiple copies and back-ups of your important files. Don’t rely on your computer’s drive or online storage. It’s not hard for viruses and spywares to creep into your files and damage it later on.

Every computer should have antivirus software installed to it to ensure maximum security protection of your system. Here’s the list of antivirus software that you may want to have for your device.

AVIRA 2013 –

avira 2013 product

Avira antivirus software allows you to choose from three different types of antivirus and helps you decide what feature is important and will suit your needs.

The protection starts at $22.99 with its Avira Antivirus Premium 2013 which can eliminate viruses, Trojans and spyware. Unknown malware threats can be stopped as well as trackers from following you on the web whenever you surf online. It blocks or intercepts harmful websites before it can be loaded.

The Avira Internet Security 2013 helps shields your system from the harmful and inappropriate web contents. The cost is $35.99 and has a proactive detection of email phishing scams. It also secures you in Wi-Fi hotspots.

Much higher cost is their Avira Internet Security Plus 2013, for $49.99 but with all the protection from Internet Security standard plus it optimizes your computer for faster performance and can encrypt confidential files and folders.


McAfee security technologies are powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence that uses a unique capability to enable its users to stay safe one step ahead of online threats.

mcafee antivirus

McAfee All Access is their featured product for only $49.99 saving $50 with the original price of $99.99. It has unlimited protection for online threats, malwares and spywares with a feature of McAfee SafeKey that securely stores your usernames and passwords. It protects your system form thieves block phishing hackers, web attacks and identity thieves. It also blocks spam’s and can protect your identity by locking all your digital valuables in encrypted vault.

McAfee Total Protection is only $76.49, 15% off original price of $89.99. Main purpose of this protection is to guard your computer, social network, identity and home network for possible hackers, thieves, phishing, viruses and other online threats.

McAfee Internet Security price is $67.99, another 15% discount from $79.99. It is best for internet security if users because it keeps your system and identity safe online. It has real-time antivirus, antimalware, firewall, spam filters and parental control.

The McAfee Antivirus Plus is their standard antivirus software that lets you confidently shop, surf, and socialize online because it is equipped with essential antivirus, antimalware and firewall protection for your data and system. The price is only $42.99, which is 15% off $49.99 the original price.

And we have McAfee Family Protection for $49.99. It manage the family’s internet usage to prevent exposure of inappropriate content, social networking risks, strangers and other online threats especially when your children always go online.



PC Security offers two latest antivirus protections, the Shield Deluxe 2013 and Security Shield 2013. They might have a slight difference in pricing because of their key feature.

Shield Deluxe 2013 provides and advanced protection against malicious viruses, spyware and phishing attacks as well as identity theft. It can also detect root-kit and has personal firewall and spam filter feature. It costs $49.95.

Security Shield 2013 costs much higher, with the price of $59.95 but it has a two-way firewall protection, parental control and anti-spam feature. This protection can also be remotely configured from other computers in the network.

Take note that not all antivirus software is compatible with your operating system. Some of these might require a higher version or just for an exclusive OS. You should know the required specification of the unit and browsing compatibility before you purchase this antivirus software. Anyway, their requirements are also listed on their site together with the key features and description of the product. We must be always on guard of our files because we can’t trust the safety of digital files on these threats.

I know that shopping for the best antivirus software can be really tedious because it comes with a high price. But don’t worry, since these softwares also come with their free trial or free version but only with minimal protection. Try to find deals that could give you high discounts upon purchase.

Even if there are so many antivirus softwares out there, they still have the same goal: to protect your system from threats. It’s up to you what to choose which software suits your needs because they also differ on primary purpose.

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