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Christmas Gifts for Star Wars Fans


If you’ve been paying attention to mainstream media in the past year, you probably already know that Star Wars has made a gigantic comeback. With the success of Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, Rogue One has fans of all ages excited for Star Wars again this year. Star Wars merchandise is everywhere from toys to clothes, and more. If you are wanting to give a fun gift to a Star Wars fan this holiday season, we have some great gift ideas for you to check out. A great place to start, is to figure out what kind of gift you’d like to give to the Star Wars fan. Consider their age, how much they know about the franchise, and try to be sensitive to which movies are their favorites. You can be generic with your gift, or really personalize it to the liking of the recipient.


If you’re looking for something fun, go with a gift that has a little humor to it. Anything that jokes between the Dark Side and the Light Side can be funny. A simple light switch plate could be just the right amount of silliness to add to a room. Give this (or something like it) to the Star Wars lover who tends to be a little too serious and could stand to lighten up a little (pun intended). Etsy is a great place to look for unique gifts like this one. You could probably even work with a designer and have your own custom gift made, if you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. If you’re just not sure what to get, an Etsy gift card is a great option! You can get Etsy gift cards starting at $25.00.


A Darth Vader Toaster can be a fun gift for the whole family! Do you like your toast dark or light? You can have it both ways with this cool toaster, and add a little Star Wars fun to the everyday routine with the family. Other cool Star Wars gadgets for the kitchen would make great gifts. Look for Star Wars spatulas, waffle irons, measuring cups and spoons, etc. You could make up a fun kitchen gift basket filled with Star Wars products for the Star Wars loving cook in your family. Check out great deals, like 20% off any single item at regular price at Bed Bath and Beyond. If you pick up a few things over time, you’ll save a bunch of money.


Star Wars fans of all ages will want to get their hands on a light saber of some sort. There are so many different options of light sabers available today, you’ll have lots of cool designs to choose from. Some light sabers are just plastic, and they are made to battle or play with. There are also some light sabers that actually light up, and they make sounds. Some light sabers are sold individually, and others sold in two-packs. If you’re not looking for light saber toys, there are light saber room lights or wall displays that you can use as decor, instead.

Every Star Wars fan needs a little Star Wars in their home. It could be something as simple as a mug or window decal, or as cool as an entire room decked out in Star Wars themed accessories and decor! Don’t forget to wrap your Star Wars gifts in Star Wars wrapping paper to add to the fun.