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Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

When we are making our list of important people to shop for, our kids teachers are at the top.  Finding unique teacher gifts can be a challenge since they have so many students wanting to give them great presents too.

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

Our children mean everything to us. We give them 100% of our energy and strive to raise them to the best of our abilities. When Christmas comes, they’re the first to come to mind. But what about those incredibly patient teachers? The ones that day in and day out encourage our little ones to strive for excellence. Should we forget about them? Of course not! Teachers get a ton of coffee cups so this year why don’t we find some teacher gifts that will be just a bit different.  

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

8 Incredible Gifts For Teachers For Christmas

1. Flowers

An oldie but favorite. Who doesn’t love fresh-cut flowers? If you rather buy something that lasts, consider getting seeds for a plant that your child can raise in a flower-pot and giving it to the teacher once it begins to sprout. What better way to remember a child for years to come, than by having a living plant growing in the classroom. 1800Flowers delivers gorgeous and affordable arrangements.  

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

2. Books

Naturally, teachers are learners. An incredible gift for teachers for Christmas would be to help sharpen their tools. Help fuel their fire for reading by adding some books from the bestsellers list. Here’s a tip, grab one that’s fiction, and one that’s non-fiction. Barnes and Nobles has the best lists on what’s trending. 

3. Entertainment Tickets

Alright, alright, admit it -kids can drive a person nuts. Now take your child, times it by twenty, for eight hours straight. I’m sure your anxiety levels just spiked -mine sure did! Teachers are still adults, help them attend a hip upcoming show or concert, or movie ticket. StubHub is a great place to find tickets to the latest happenings in your hometown.  

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

4. Art made by your child

What better way to warm the heart of a teacher, than by presenting an amazing art piece made by your child, specifically for the teacher. Put it in a good frame and don’t forget to date it. I’m sure she’ll call it a masterpiece.  When it comes to teacher gifts, simple and thoughtful goes a long way.  

5. Cozy Gift Basket

Talking about warming hearts, create a gift basket that is designed to alleviate any stress. This basket does not have to be extravagant. Cozy slippers, a warm throw blanket, an amazing mug created for teachers, a luxurious candle, hot chocolate or coffee, and a journal. 

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

6. Fresh Fruit Platter or Baskets 

Regardless if your child’s teacher is vegan or carnivorous; everyone loves fruit. Especially when it’s delivered. Make your child’s teacher the talk of the teacher’s lounge by having fruit delivered by Edible Arrangements

7. School Supplies

There’s no secret that schools are grossly underfunded. Many teachers put in their own money towards school supplies, various times throughout the year. I’m sure an incredible teacher gifts for Christmas is a large lot of school supplies, or even a gift card towards school supplies. (Psst… teachers love boxes of Kleenex tissue , hand sanitizer, and Lysol wipes this time of year!) 

Christmas Teacher Gifts Ideas

8. Personalized Gift

Want a gift that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime? (Or at least until it breaks. If it breaks.) Have something engraved “Mrs. Tumbleweed Is The Best Teacher Ever”. At Things Remembered, there is a gift for every person. 

Are you ready to shower the person who shows up day in and day out for your child, almost as much as you do? Along with a genuine “Thank You”, these teacher gifts ideas will be sure to show these amazing teachers how much we appreciate them.