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Chucks for the 21st Century

I had this pair of Converses back in high school. They were pretty much the classics—low top All-Stars in blue and yellow. I wore them absolutely everywhere.

I got sad when they finally fell apart years later, but I never went to replace them. Until this winter.

When I walked into the store, I was in awe. There were still classic Chucks to be sure. But there were also metallic, sparkly and otherwise 21st century versions on the old take.

Since April is one of the best times of year to buy shoes, I thought I’d share my joy with you. Here are a bunch of Converse sneakers fabulous enough for 2017. And here are ways you can save when you shop.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern East VS West

Converse’s Modern line is a limited-edition sneak peek at the type of design you’ll see in the Chucks of the future. This specific model features the common theme of mesh, along with the “star” of All Star. Get them in black and the stars are along your heel, while the white version places them above your ankle.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Modern Future Mesh Low Top

Also from the Modern line, this take on the low top stays very true to the cut of the original. The only noticeable differences are that the toe is made of a slightly different mesh rather than the white rubber we’re used to, and the sides are completely stripped of their old design.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Metallic Low Top

That day I walked into the store, these are what I bought. My specific pair goes back and forth from an iridescent purple to blue depending on the light. I haven’t had a pair of shoes I’ve loved so much in a very long time, and have gotten tons of compliments. Highly recommend.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Fuzzy Bunny High Top

If you want something totally unique, you’ll want to check out the Fuzzy Bunny High Top. Available in powder blue or pink, these may be the most intensely textured shoes you’ve ever seen. The only thing missing is the cotton tail.

Converse Thunderbolt ‘84

On the market for something a little more athletic? The Thunderbolt ’84 will be more comfortable than some of the newer Chucks when you’re playing sports. With a nod to the old with the side design, they’re new with bright colors. We’re glad they’re not neon bright, though. That was an annoying trend a few years ago.

Converse Breakpoint Floral Low Top

Florals are in this season, but with these kicks, you’ll likely be the only one in the room wearing the trend on your shoes. We love that they’re blatantly and obviously Converses while still integrating seasonal fashion. The only thing we will caution is that trends do end, and Converses are well-made shoes. The only risk with these low tops is that your shoe will outlast the fashion du jour.