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Cinco de Mayo Essentials from Crate and Barrel

Do you plan to invite friends and family over to celebrate Cinco de Mayo? Do you want to fill your home with the tastes and smells of Mexican cuisine? Do you wish to drink margaritas and dance to the tune of mariachi bands?

Cinco de Mayo parties are all about bright colors and spicy foods. Now is the time to ditch your formal white plates in favor of vibrant plates, bowls and serving dishes. If your dining collection seems a bit boring check out the multi-colored dishes at Crate and Barrel. While you are there be sure to check out the kitchen gadgets and gizmos that will help you throw a Mexican fiesta to remember.

Taco Rack 
When you think of Mexican food you probably think about tacos and what better way to celebrate the occasion then with an elaborate taco bar filled with various meats, veggies, salsas and cheeses. Help your guests assemble their tacos with this exclusive Taco Rack from Crate and Barrel. This little handy dandy tool will allow you to fill four taco shells all at once. Simply slide the taco shell in between the metal bars and stuff to your hearts delight!


If you plan to serve tacos at your party than the odds are pretty high that you’ll serve homemade guacamole too.  A Mortar and pestle is the perfect tool for making guacamole. This authentic Mexican molcajete is crafted from natural volcanic stone; with it you can grind and season your favorite Mexican salsas and moles too.

Avocado Tool

A Mexican fiesta just wouldn’t be a fiesta without fresh avocado and the OXO 3 in 1 Avocado Tool makes peeling and slicing those little green fruits ridiculously easy. This unique, little gadget helps you slice the skin, scoop out the pit and create clean, even slices in no time at all. If you plan to have a lot of guests at your party you won’t want to spend all day prepping avocado. With this little tool you can peel and slice a bag full of avocados in record time.

Margarita Glasses

On Cinco de Mayo margaritas and tacos go hand-in-hand. This holiday present your guests with a tasty new recipe in Miguel Margarita Glasses. These gorgeous glasses are manufactured from the glass of recycled tequila bottles. Imagine lining these handcrafted beauties up on your bar. They are sure to sparkle and shine with your luscious Mexican elixirs.

Colorful Serving Dishes

Whether you need Mexican inspired bowls or plates the Rio Collection at Crate and Barrel has you covered. These colorful terra cotta dishes contain thin and thick rings of red, blue and yellow. The Rio Chip and Dip bowl would be perfect for serving tortilla chips with guacamole, cheese dip or salsa. This collection also includes a terra cotta tortilla warmer that will keep tortillas warm and pliable.

You can find all of these Cinco de Mayo tools, glasses and serving pieces in store at Crate and Barrel, but you better hurry you have less than two days to prepare for your Mexican fiesta!