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Simple Tips to Clean Out Your Computer

Like your home, furniture and things, your computer needs long term electronic maintenance to keep its operating system in top shape. Have you noticed that your computer seem to be slow moving and you have a hard time saving your files because the hard disk is overloaded with unnecessary programs and games. Most people do not mind conducting computer maintenance because they are too complacent about their system.

By not bothering about a pc tune-up might harm your computer. If left too long, only 10% of your computer would be working properly or not at all. It is important to note that if you do not have the knowledge on how to clean your computer, there is software that you can run that will scan, fix errors and clean out unwanted files.

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The following tips are basic steps that you can do to clean out your personal computer or laptop. Before you start the “general cleaning’ of your computer please take note of the files that you do not need any more like games, word documents, pictures and files.

1. Preserve the files and put them in their respective folders. Eliminate those movies that you downloaded a year ago, anyway you can still get a copy from some websites or you can watch them on YouTube.

2. If you have seen a program that is unfamiliar to you, try to look for them on Google, Yahoo or Bing. It could have been something that you had added and forgotten about. Either way, if you are not using it, then delete it to make more room on your computer. If you do not need Paltalk for chatting or a voice recorder then you can delete that and restore if you need them. Anyway, they are easy to reinstall.

3. Avoid storing software and downloads which can overload your hard drive. You can always find that software in different websites that are free of charge. Let your kids help you in identifying programs and files, which your family do not need anymore. Start deleting the programs from the menu and not directly from the icon on your computer desktop. Those are usually shortcuts and not the program directly on the computer.

4. Click the All Program then go to the Control Panel and you can now start uninstalling from there.
In order to avoid changing some programs in your computer you should play it safe by keeping those files, which your computer warns you that uninstalling can remove a file.

5.  If you change your mind then you can install the program again because you have saved the file right in your PC.  Click System Restore if you have unintentionally  erase a program  by clicking the menu, then click the All Programs, click the Accessories and click the System Tools and right from there you will be guided on your next steps whether you  are using Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP or Windows Vista.

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6. To keep your computer safe from viruses, worms and other malicious software or malware, anti-virus software to clean your computer is needed to keep your computer clean from these.

Performing a regular system clean-up of your computer and updating all software, including your anti-virus software and Window updates will allow your computer to last longer and run smoother.

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