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Clean Your Floor with Hoover Floormate

The Hoover Floormate is an amazing machine. If you are in search of something that will help you keep your hard floors clean, look no further. This floor cleaner puts all other hard floor cleaners to shame. What steam cleaning systems promise – this thing delivers where they fall short.

2012-7-3-13-42-331The Hoover Floormate has 6 scrub brushes, a spray nozzle, and a squeegee for vacuuming up water. You can also set the machine to vacuum up dust before scrubbing the floors. The Floormate looks very similar to home carpet steam cleaners, with the water tanks on the top and bottom.

You place the clean water and a cleaning solution in the tank. Once filled, you will need to turn the machine on and turn on the scrubbing brushes. You can run the machine with the brushes turned on or off, with them off you can soak the floor with cleaning solution, then come back to scrub once the solution has had time to penetrate dirt.

Very dirty floors, such as old hardwood with ground in dirt, will need to be cleaned several times before you will see the full benefits of the Floormate. It is well worth the investment of about $120, as even one pass with the machine will do more cleaning than 100 manual moppings!

After floors have been deep cleaned, you will need to run the machine only one a month, perhaps once a week depending on how many children and pets are in your home. Homes with high amounts of foot traffic will need to use the Floormate about once a week.

It is not recommended to use harsh chemicals in the machine. Gentle cleaners are best. Strong chemicals will eat through the rubber seals and cause leaks, plus the squeegee will wear out faster when exposed to harsh chemicals. Try using a few drops of dish soap in the cleaning water or a ‘green’ cleaner. Never use pine oil based cleaners – even one use can ruin the machine if the pine oil gets onto the rubber seals.

Another great feature found on this product is the extremely long power cord. You can clean whole rooms, sometimes two without unplugging the machine. The cord is 15 foot and if plugged in an outlet that is between rooms, you won’t have to move it!

The Hoover Floormate can be purchased online or in stores. Most online retailers offer discounts and some of the very best sales for this machine can be found Coupon codes can be combined with sales on Amazon which will make your savings greater. By purchasing through Amazon you will have an unquestioned guarantee that the product arrives safely or it will be replaced right away. This is an important point to consider when purchasing a large item.