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Cleaning Your House On a Budget

You might be spring cleaning, but it’s a good time to develop some money saving habits to last you throughout the year. Don’t only declutter your closets, but declutter your cleaning cabinets, too. You should be using only a select few inexpensive cleaning products rather than an expensive arsenal. According to expert, Jan Dougherty, who owns a cleaning business, you should only be using these THREE products. Jan recently did an interview with Today and we jumped on the bandwagon. Here are the top spending mistakes and what to do about them:



Mistake #1: Using Paper towels

Have you noticed that Paper towels are really expensive? If you’re like me and you buy them in bulk, they are still really expensive! The good stuff will run you $20 or more at BJs for ten or so rolls. Households with children can easily spend $20-$40 per month on paper towels! Use soft rags. We recommend “Zwipes,” found on Amazon. Shirt rags are great, but tend to be less absorbent. Thick, soft dusting towels work best. Microfiber works, but sometimes doesn’t cooperate with cleaning fluid. An array of soft, thick towelettes will last you quite a bit longer and cost you quite a bit less than paper towels.

Mistake #2 Using Windex

You know the bottles that say, “With Vinegar!”? Here’s a thought: Just use vinegar. You’ll have less streaks and it works just as well. And it’s cheaper. Another great product? Krud Kutter. This stuff is relatively cheap and will last you forever. Don’t bother with expensive products like, “Perfect Glass.” Mix with KK with water, according to directions and clean windows, grout, bathtubs, toilets, clothes and even your car. it requires different concentrations for different items, but it’s a miracle product. Best part? It’s non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Mistake #3 Using specialized products for stainless steel

These are expensive and rarely work well. Instead, try Old English Lemon Oil. Your fridge will be clean, shiny, and streak free. Old English Lemon Oil cleans and shines wood furniture, cabinets and floors. It’s cheap and will last you years. 

Mistake #4 Getting rid of odor using disinfecting spray or other spray on odors

Vinegar disinfects all germs and removes odor. Use it to spray carpets, beds, couches, curtains, sinks, bathtubs, and pretty much any other surface. Your house shouldn’t smell like an ocean breeze. It shouldn’t smell of anything, in fact. Deodorizers contain chemicals that you don’t need in your home.

To recap: Vinegar, Krud Kutter and Old English Lemon Oil should take care of all of your household needs. Get rid of expensive specialty cleaners and jump on the money saving bandwagon. We love Amazon for our cleaning needs. They have lots of size options and good prices.