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Cold Weather Recipe Ideas

Our weather has been so crazy lately. We go from 60*F to 20*F with snow in just a matter of days. I can’t get over it. But, on the days when the weather is so cold you can hardly stand to go out, you want recipe ideas that will warm you up but not blow your desire to make better eating choices.

Here are a few cold weather recipe ideas to have you making better choices and keeping warm:


  • Red Snapper – This fish is full of protein, potassium, and omega-3 fatty acids. If you serve it up with sauteed broccoli, rice, or other veggies, you’ll have the perfect dish to warm you up and is a much better choice.


  • Beef Tenderloin – This is packed with protein, and if you opt for grass-fed beef, you can load up on more linoleic acid to help boost your immune system. It makes a great main dish, so just serve it up with your favorite veggies to even out your nutrients.


  • Pork Roast – This is a family favorite in my house. Pork roast is the one meal I can serve that makes everyone happy. Plus, I can cook my meat and my veggies all in one crock-pot, making it an easy meal to prepare that takes little prep time. Check out these Crock Pot promo codes and get yourself a beautiful new crock pot for all your winter meals at a great price.
  • Veggie Lasagna – This is a great way to sneak in a daily dose of veggies, and your kids will never know it! Add in some zucchini, carrots, and corn to your lasagna layers. Also, if you use low-fat milk, cottage cheese, and skim mozzarella cheese, you’ll cut down on fat. Add in some fresh basil and your taste buds won’t even notice all the veggies.

These are just a few cold weather recipe ideas. I highly recommend getting a crock pot for the winter months. It’s so easy to toss everything in the pot, let it simmer all day, and come home to a yummy dinner waiting for you.

However, if you’re still not sure what kind of cold weather recipe ideas are best for you, check out these promo codes from Blue Apron. They will send seasonal recipes right to your door, as well as all the things you need to make that recipe. Try new foods, make your taste buds rejoice, and learn how to cook from scratch. You’ll be cooking like a pro in no time at all!