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Happy Socks

Who would think that socks can also come in so many designs, shapes and bright colours? Well, has made it all happen with comfort and various designs. It had started in the Spring of 2008 with a vision to spread happiness and turning everyday essentials into happy coloured designs. Premium quality, detailed craftsmanship and creativity entails the designs of all products at

All products are made of high quality combed cotton, and that is one of the USP’s of the entire collection. Use of comfortable fabric is again one of the mottos of the organization with continuous improvement in quality. The online stores suppliers provide stronger, softer combed cotton that makes the entire socks range hold together better, keeping them and customers enlightened. With a unique protected toe and heel which further prevents all the Happy Socks from breaking. Apart from the comfortable material, all the products go through two- step tests, initially during the production phase and second pre shipping which helps in ensuring the highest quality as promised is delivered. have also introduced a process named Silicon Washing which promises a feel better on its customers skin and wont shrink right from the first wash.

In addition, the entire tights are now produced at a production unit in Italy, which promises a high standard and quality fashion. Different designs and innovation with proper implementation are again few integral goals of Also strives to provide its customers with the best and happiest socks shipped for its happy customers across American sub-continent.

As of today, has sold Happy Socks in close to 50 countries across every continent.

With its newest collection called Chapter #FOUR, has new and improved suppliers, with latest trend and comfortable new fabrics, and few other new products such as ankle socks and Italian-produced tights. The Chapter #FOUR collection is said to be built with a new process. releases its production as usual yearly collection, however with an addition of one main collection and three seasonal ones, giving every customer the right Happy Socks for the right Happy Season around the year.

Happy Socks team firmly believes that every customer should be able to wear whatever socks they like; as a matter of fact socks are unisex. And the selections of tights, ankle socks, and over the knee socks are available for women. is the ultimate next revolution in high quality sock production that has brought in comfort, design and Happy Feet. So what are you waiting for Log on to and make your feet happy and comfortable.