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Computers— Save While you Study

There is undoubtedly no substitute of hard work. Just as people feel, a computer is not a substitute to studying hard. It does not replace the efforts in any manner. But a computer can surely share the load. It helps us keep the information more organized and thus, leaves us with more time to do the mental work. That is the reason colleges have made it mandatory for all the students to get a computer for themselves so that they do not spend eternity trying to organize all the information, and study harder.

We have talked about how to shortlist the computer that you wish to buy for your study purposes. But this article will tell you how to save majorly once you are done with the selection process. Try these tips and we are sure you would end up with some more money in your wallet.

Cash in on the student status

If you can produce a student ID or prove that you are ordering the computer for a student, it will help you to get a discount or rebate in the price. Apple, Dell and most other big manufacturers have an educational pricing that also includes “buy one, get one” offers (like a free iPod with your Apple laptop). Using these offers can save some money.

Don’t buy it for a brand

Don’t get attracted by the advertisements. Smart advertisements can make any product look like perfect. But you must buy a computer or laptop according to student’s requirements. Trendy and sleek laptops can be good in appearance but it is your responsibility to make sure that they are up-o-date, and that they have all the facilities that match your requirements.

Try extending the Warranty

Warranty is a very important aspect while purchasing a computer. Ask for as much extension in the warranty as you can get. Consider the various features of warranties. Some include on-site service, which can be especially important for students attending school away from home. You might even look into buying an extra insurance that covers the machine in case it gets stolen.

A computer is the most important thing for a college student that can help them to reduce the workload. Thus it becomes all the more important to spot nothing but the best one. Also, the funds are not very strong at that stage of the age. So money is another constraint that must be kept into mind.