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Converse Shoes – Ups And Downs Of The Company


Footwear is deemed as one of the first inventions of mankind. Initially, they were used just as a protective covering for the feet, but gradually, the appearance of the footwear also gained importance. Today, footwear is not merely an instrument to protect foot but it’s almost an integral part of a person’s outfit. Currently, we have a vast range of footwear for all occasions of life, whether it is one’s birthday, wedding, sports day or a hangout session.
In this modernized world, shoe companies across the globe are launching brands and exclusive range of footwear to effortlessly grab the people’s attention in large. However, the lions’ share goes to those companies who provide comfy and modish pair of footwear to the global consumer line.
Converse Shoe Company is one such shoe manufacturer that predominantly focuses on producing an enchanting range of footwear. With eye-catching designs and supreme quality materials, Converse is ruling the international shoe market and magnetizing the shoe lovers worldwide.
Basically, Converse is an American company operating from early twentieth century. Marquis Mills Converse, a veteran of the field commenced Converse Shoe Company in Malden, Massachusetts in February 1908. Converse has seen many ups and downs since its incorporation, but ultimately it emerged as a winner. It was started in 1908 and witnessed its turning point in 1917 with the introduction of Converse All-Star basketball shoe. Converse also got an opportunity to produce shoes for New York Renaissance, the first all-African American professional basketball team, which gained it new fame.
With USA’s active participation in the World War II in 1941, Converse went into the production of rubberized footwear, outerwear, and protective suits for the military instead of its routine production. For long, Converse enjoyed almost monopolistic image, however, it started to fade away from 1970s onwards due to the introduction and rise of new companies like Puma, Adidas, Nike and Reebok. They also lost their tag of being official shoe providers to NBA (National Basketball Association), which they had cherished for long. Poor decision making and increasing fall of sales resulted into bankruptcy in January, 2001. Later in April, Mardsen Cason and Bill Simon purchased this brand and convinced some other people from same industry including Jack Boys, Jim Stroesser, Lisa Kempa, and David Maddocks.
Subsequently, in less than 30 months, these people gave it laurels of being 7th largest footwear company. This tremendous success of Converse lured Nike to buy out it on 9, July, 2003 for $305 million. Even now, some players of the National Basketball Association like Kyle Korver, Maurice Evans, Udonis Haslem, Elton Brand, Louis Williams, Larry Sanders, Luke Harangody, and Chris Andersen rely on Converse.

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