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Cool Back-To-School Gadgets


In a few short weeks school will be back in session, but before the kids can board the bus or move into their new dorm room the annual back-to-school shopping trips must begin. Many parents will drive to office supply stores and shopping malls to buy school necessities, but today’s techie families may opt for a direct route to the electronics department store at Best Buy.Girl Typing on ComputerIf your kids use their cell phones, laptops and tablets to complete their school work check out these gadgets that will help students take notes while simultaneously keeping their devices cool and charged.

Solar Integrated Backpack

Solar Back PackDoes your child carry a lot of electronic devices? Do they need a tablet, cell phone and laptop computer to complete their work? Do they often find themselves running out of power on those devices? If so, the EnerPlex Packr Executive backpack might be the solution they need. This bag enables students to charge their USB-enabled devices while walking across campus or waiting outside. The bag was built with solar-on-plastic technology that is lightweight in design and comfortable to carry.

Solar Charging Cell Phone Case

Cell Phone Charging CaseIf your child doesn’t carry two or three gadgets to class then the solar integrated backpack may provide more charging capabilities then they actually need. A better solution might be the EnerPlex – Surfr Battery Case, which provides an integrated battery pack and a rear solar panel that will keep a cell phone charged and ready for extended use. As parents we always want to know that our children are safe. This slim cell phone case will ensure your child’s phone stays charged whenever they need it. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they have enough battery power to call you if an emergency occurs.

Cooling Pad

Computer Cooling Pad

Most kids plop open their laptops and begin typing right on their desks, but over many hours of use a laptop can become quite hot and in extreme situations even overheat. If this occurs repeatedly the internal components can become damaged. Fight the heat and cool down that prized electronic possession with the Targus – Dual Fan Lap Chill Mat Cooling System. The mat features dual USB-powered fans and a ventilated grille for optimal performance. It also provides an ergonomic tilt so your child’s hands and wrists don’t get sore after many hours of typing.



Some students type quite quickly while others can take notes much faster, the old fashioned way, with a paper and pen. It’s nice to write things down with a pen, but it can be difficult to keep all those pieces of college-ruled paper organized and tidy. Wouldn’t it be great if your kids could automatically convert those written notes into a digital document that could be stored directly to their phone or computer? Now they can thanks to the Livescribe Smartpen and Moleskin notebook, which provides the capability to instantly transfer handwritten notes to a synced mobile device for easy storage and retrieval.

Do you think the techie in your life could use one of these gadgets? Check out these and more at Best Buy.