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Cool Themes for a Little Boy’s Bedroom


When parents are expecting a new baby, they often get excited about decorating the baby’s nursery for the very first time. Adorable elephants, sailboats, and even animals are popular nursery decor themes for baby boys. These themes are definitely cute, but once the baby isn’t a baby anymore, parents are left scratching their heads and looking at the baby-cute decor, wishing they had chosen something that would grow with their child. There are a lot of fun themes for boys that can be appropriate when they are babies, and still seem fun and even cool as they grow older. Here are a few unique ideas for a boy’s room that you might want to check out.


If you have a boy who loves superheroes, why not give him a room theme that he’ll love? Choose some of his favorite characters and play on their accessories for decor accents. You can add canvas prints, specialty lamps, area rugs, and more to give it that special look and feel that your little guy will be excited about. Marvel is a popular choice, with so many heroes that boys look up to. Target has a lot of awesome Marvel bedroom accessories like pillows, bedding, and areas rugs. Right now, you can save an extra 10% on bedding and bath products. With those kinds of savings, you might even surprise your little man with a new action figure to display on a shelf.


Star Wars is another popular choice for room decor for boys of all ages. It’s a theme that can really grow with your child. There are lots of Star Wars baby bedding sets available, toddler sets, and even twin to full and queen sets. You can coordinate the colors to match your child’s favorite characters. If they’re into storm troppers and Darth Vaer, you can go with blues, black, white, and even some red. Look for cool room accents like light saber night lights that can be displayed on the wall, as well as wall art that features characters and scenes from the movies. Kohl’s has a fabulous selection of Star Wars room decor, including bedding and pillows. You can save 15% off sitewide or 20% off when you spend $100.00 at Kohl’s. You can get all of the room accessories you need for a complete makeover, and a look your cool dude will love.


If your son is really into sports, you might consider giving him a spors themed room. There are so many great options when doing a sports themed room. You could do an overall sports thems, which includes soccer, baseball, basketball, and football items. You could also pick one sport to focus on, adding cool touches to the room in coordinating colors. If your son has a favorite sports team, you could certainly outfit their room in team colors and team decor. This might get expensive, as licensed products can be pricey. If you like crafts and DIY projects, there are tons that you’ll be able to do to make the room look and feel like the perfect homage to their favorite team.

You’ll undoubtedly change the look of your son’s room through the years, but starting out with a theme that they’ll enjoy for several years from the get go will save you time and money. Try to stick with colors that go with a lot of different themes and can be easily changed as your child grows and changes their mind.