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Cosmetics–Save or Spend?

When it comes to makeup, are the drug store brands enough? Are we wasting money by shopping the high end counters at Macy’s, or do the extra bucks matter? Are we really getting what we pay for? Here’s a rundown of a few items you will want to SPLURGE on:


When it comes to lipstick, there a few reasons you may want to splurge. One reason is better ingredients, which promote softness and lasting wear. In general, department store quality cosmetics use higher quality ingredients, which cause the products to glide on more smoothly, last longer, crease or crack less often, and be gentler on skin.

When it comes to pigment, the high end brands tend to have a higher ratio of pigments to fillers. The pigment is probably  also finely ground, allowing the color be bolder, to glide on more smoothly and last longer.

While many of us have our go-to makeup staples, it’s imperative to be able to experiment if you’re trying something new (like the complicated nature of picking out the right red). At a department store, you can get a professional opinion and take home some samples. At the drug store, you have to look around in stealth mode before yanking off the cap to try the pigment on the back of your hand, only to quickly replace it, hoping no one noticed.

Foundation and Concealer

The same as lipstick, these items come with higher quality ingredients, causing the product to glide on more smoothly, look more natural, and provide the longest lasting wear. They also tend to be the easiest on your skin. Another upshot is the fact that you have more to choose from other than “light to fair” and “fair to medium.” If the shade is even slightly off, it will look cheap and clownish.

The powder version are more finely ground, going on the skin more evenly and are less likely to contain irritants, like talic.


Softer bristles make a huge difference. The makeup goes on more evenly, they are easier on your skin and trap less bacteria. Try both–a high end one, like Urban Decay and a lower end version. You will feel and see the difference.

SAVE on yellow eye shadow

In general, this is what you should save on:

  • Lip gloss
  • Nail polish
  • Mascara 
  • Daily Cleanser
  • Daily moisturizer 

Lip gloss and polish contain generally the same ingredients at any price point. Mascara should be replaced every few months, so it’s not worth overspending. Finally, if you’re going with an electric blue shadow, don’t splurge. There’s a good change it will be out next season.

And finally, if you use anti-aging creams, save on the daily cleansers and spend your money where it counts for the best vitamins and ingredients. If you want to REALLY save, check out some coupons HERE for BH Cosmetics free shipping code.

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