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Costumes That Pop With Colored Contact Lenses

Want to take your Halloween costume to the next level? Beyond clothes, hair and makeup, you can show your commitment to the holiday festivities by adding extra flair with color contact lenses. These lenses aren’t just for those that need help with their vision, though they’re certainly available for those purposes, too. No, you can get lenses regardless, and you can get them at low prices through places like Walmart Contacts.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve gathered up some of the best costumes for these iris-changing lenses, along with some tips on how to pull the rest of the costume together.

Purple Lenses


  • Daenerys Targaryen. Violet eyes signify the dragon’s blood. While you’re waiting for Daenerys to finally swoop into Westeros, you can do this strong, female character justice with some purple contact lenses, a blue dress, a so-blonde-it’s-white wig and gentle makeup.
  • Sailor Mars. For all the Sailor Moon fans out there, you’ll remember Rei as the only one with those big, purple eyes. Because anime is such a big draw in cosplay events, finding an affordable Sailor Mars costume to match your purple lenses isn’t hard. Just search, “Sailor Mars” on Etsy.
  • Cheshire Cat. Pay ode to Alice with one of the less commonly celebrated characters: the Cheshire cat. Purple lenses combined with some crazy purple and blue makeup and a dress and wig of the same colors will guarantee a unique costume that no one else at the party will be wearing.

Blue Lenses


  • Elsa. If your Halloween escapades are more family-oriented, you won’t be able to go wrong by dressing up as this Frozen heroine. You’ll need an ice-blue dress, some fancy party gloves, a wig similar to Daenerys’, pink or purple eye shadow and, of course, those blue contact lenses. Bonus points if you’ve got the pipes to go with the outfit.
  • Courtney Paige. Get sophisticated with your Halloween costume this year by dressing up as Vanessa Williams’ character from The Good Wife. The great thing about this costume is that while it nods to women’s empowerment, it’s also relatively easy to pull off. Just stop by your local thrift store and pick up a classy yet loud business suit/skirt, throw on some of those shoes you typically wear to work, and throw in some blue contact lenses. Do your hair up and you’re done.
  • Zombie. We love the latest trend in Zombie makeup: the transformation. This costume has you do half of your face in regular makeup and then the other half in almost white walker fashion. You can do the second half pale or gory—whichever fits your taste—with the wide array of makeup color options they have at ColourPop. Then, you’ll just need one blue contact lens for the eye that’s on the heavily made up side.
  • Yuna. If you’re into video games, you know about Yuna from Final Fantasy X. You’ll also know that she has two different colored eyes: one green, and one blue. Get a short, black wig, a peasant shirt and a high-waisted, blue skirt. Then all you’ll need is two different colored contact lenses and you’ll be good to go.

Green Eyes


  • Maleficent. Brangelina may be splitting up, but that doesn’t make Angelina any less powerful of a woman. We love the roles she takes on, and her unique portrayal of this evil character was not soon to be forgotten. You can do up the crazy headdress with something as simple as black duct tape. Get green contact lenses, pale makeup, red lipstick and a black, flowy dress to make this look stick.
  • Buttercup. Buttercup was the baddest of all the Powerpuff girls. With those big, green eyes, she wasn’t afraid to break gender norms while wearing a dress. To pull this off, get the contacts, but also get a shorter green dress and a short, black wig. Extra kudos go to those who get white stockings and black ballet flats to finish off the look.